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Picking A Levels for September... please help.......

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    I have been recently rethinking my A Level Courses that I would like to do in September. I have read many of the comments and other threads on this website about A Levels and I thought it would be hugely beneficial for me as through your help and guidance. At the moment I am definitely certain in choosing these A Level Courses at present:
    Applied Business Studies (Single Award)
    ...................... I am struggling on the 4th course.

    Would anybody recommend any A Level Course that they enjoyed and that wasn't too difficult?

    I have been looking at both AS/A2 Media Studies and AS/A2 Drama and Theatre Studies as an option for that 4th course but I am unsure. I haven't got much acting experience and I didn't do GCSE Drama but my parents think it would help my confidence massively and for later in life which could be hugely beneficial. As for AS/A2 Media Studies I am not sure either.

    Has anybody picked an A Level that they were worried about beforehand but eventually thoroughly enjoyed it and glad that had chosen it?

    Also has anybody found they enjoyed AS/A2 Drama and Theatre Studies despite having little acting experience and confidence?

    I will be greatful for your feedback and advice. Thank you for your time.
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    I picked ecomomics and enjoy it throughly. I was reluctant to pick psychology but now its my strongest subject. I dont think drama will help boost your confidence but why not try to pick something like english lit or lit and lang or critical think. It mixes in well with your chosen subjects.
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    Sounds really good, if your college offer combined english lit & lang I would go for that Ive found it a bit more straightforward than GCSE this year as there is less cramming good luck!
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    I wouldn't recommend doing business and economics. Most Universities discourage you from doing it as the cross over so much. And if you do one do Economics.

    Have you thought about doing Government and Politics? I really enjoyed it and it wasn't that hard, it was matter of remembering the facts and getting them down since the essay technique needed was hard at all.

    It'd also go well with Economics and brilliantly with History.
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    I think picking Drama would probably be a bad thing - do something you want to do and would enjoy, and if you're not a confident person then you would properly struggle and hate the lesson. Maybe something like Politics as they compliment economics and history. If you think you'd like Media Studies then go for it, and don't lesson to everyone saying it's 'soft'

    Although there is lots overlap with business and economics, which may get tedious and boring.

    I found geography really interesting and it's fairly easy as well, it works well with economics and you generally don't need GCSE geography either, although it is hard at first if you don't (like me! ).
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    Don't pick drama. If you have no experience from GCSE it will be difficult to pick up the skills needed. Also it is a very difficult subject to get a high grade in due to its subjective marking nature. If the examiner does not like what you do, there will be a big fat U on your results. If you want confidence in that way then why not join a theater group?
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    English Lit or Politics would go quite well with your choices; they'd show your writing skills and analytical skills which would complement History really well. Politics would also go well with Economics as some topics would overlap slightly giving you a really good grounding of both subjects


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Updated: June 26, 2012
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