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Split and Dubrovnik

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    I have a query for anyone who has been to either (or preferably both).

    I have 5 nights to spread across both Split and Dubrovnik in mid-July, just wondering which is deserving of more time?
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    I go to Croatia every year! Definitely Dubrovnik.
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    I'd say Dubrovnik... the history is just incredible there

    I know it's a bit of a trek but it's also worth travelling to Mostar in Bosnia; it's bridge being blown up was one of the iconic symbols of the civil war.. well worth a visit I did it as a day trip (drove there)

    If not.. Dubrovnik will provide more than enough!
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    Been to both, definitely Dubrovnik. I'd do two days in Split and three in Dubrovnik.
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    hi, I know this thread is pretty old but I am thinking about Dubrovnik for summer this year and are looking to find out some stuff about it. It looks a great place, but just a bit concerned it might be full of older people, my girlfriend and I are 18 and looking to go on holiday. We arent looking to be out at clubs etc every night but would like to be in a place with younger people. What is Dubrovnik like for this? Cheers!
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    Dubrovnik was full of young people. Split is boring.
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    Dubrovnik is obviously a much more happening and touristy place than Split, but it does depend a little on your interests. Are you mainly going for a break and sunshine and sea? Or for other things? If it's Roman history that particularly grabs you, Split has a lot to offer. However it is also a charming medieval town and there are a lot of other nice and interesting places (some of them very beautiful, scenic, seaside-ish) within fairly easy reach if you have a car.
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    Enjoyed both but Dubrovnik is probably the better of the two. Both will be filled to the absolute brim with tourists, but both have getaways within walking distance to enjoy some peaceful beaches and scenery.

    Go Dubrovnik :holmes:
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    I'd say 2 nights in each should be enough as there isn't too much there, the other night take the catamaran to Hvar island and have a mental night partying at Carpe Diem!

    The catamaran only takes an hour, the ferry takes 2.

    Carpe Diem is a nightclub on an island just off Hvar island. And the whole island is the club pretty much! it's worth it, especially on your last night. Just make sure you make it back for your next journey.

    Hvar is a good place to party regardless.

    But yeah I think 2 days/nights is enough to see both.
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    Does any one know whether they are really tight with IDs. I am 17 - do you think this would be a problem going to clubs etc.?



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Updated: January 31, 2013
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