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Hi students and fellow PGCE-ers

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    (Original post by Tex)
    Where have you been accepted for your PGCE?
    I am running so behind so you can't be worrying more than me! I might have to wait until next year to up my profile...
    Only just sent my application off before the 30th June deadline! Not sure if I will get the interview now!
    I sent my app. 2 days before deadline for Newman Uni College - got a call this afternoon for interview in 4 days time ...
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    (Original post by s_j_p89)
    Hello there,

    I am also delving into a PGCE -EAL , in Newman College Uni. A little nervous to say the least, but content.... Now...wondering when the reading lists, and work begins!!!

    goodluck to everyone, and if anyone else is doing there PGCE at Newmans, would be lovely to get in contact!
    Hi, I've been called for interview and terrified of what this involves - could you give any advice? I'm fine with English but really rusty with maths - did the test involve algebra, mental maths, etc? Would be grateful for your input here.
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    (Original post by julez117)
    I know... can you imagine standing in front of a class for the first time? Or the first time a kid tells you to f**k off or something? I may die of restraining my inner rage...it's hard enough as a teaching assistant when I usually go running to find a scary teacher to discipline for me what will I do when I have to sort it myself lol

    Are the practice skills tests on the TDA site similar standard to the real ones? I got 100% in them, and I have always struggled with maths so i'm sure you'll do fine Aimes!!
    I think the tests on the TDA are almost identical to the real things...I did fine on the English & ICT (which I think they've scrapped now) but found the maths really tricky because there's hardly any time! I've only done 1 as I didn't want to do them all before I've revised but am very worried about it! Well done for getting 100%...very impressive!

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    Hello Juneat4, all the best for your interview! After helping me prepare for my PGCE interview, my friend who's doing a PHD in occupational psychology published interview survival tips in her blog: http://somanypies.blogspot.co.uk/201...interview.html

    My advice would be to read briefly through some TDA standards, maybe some staff policies on a schools website if available (to give you ideas how to answer any questions on behavioural management etc) and to try and RELAX because hyperventilating and rambling is never a good look
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    thanks for your input julez117 - will take up your advice.
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    Hi all -
    I've been told that my PGCE interview at Newman Uni College to be held on 17th July at 9.30am involves only one other intervuee. Anyone being interviewed same time, day? Would like to know who you are ....
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    I hope your interview went well
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    (Original post by juneat4)
    Hi all -
    I've been told that my PGCE interview at Newman Uni College to be held on 17th July at 9.30am involves only one other intervuee. Anyone being interviewed same time, day? Would like to know who you are ....
    How did it go June??
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    hello guys new here
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    (Original post by julez117)
    How did it go June??
    Thanks for asking julez117. I was so relieved when I discovered the literacy and numeracy test was paper based! The interview was very intense (and lasted for well over an hour!). The following morning I received an email offering a conditional placement - I now have to sit a GCSE Maths exam on 15th August! Oh boy - not much of a summer holiday for me this year!
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    (Original post by Nate Murdoch)
    I hope your interview went well
    Hi Nate - replied to Julez117 with same question so you'll find how it went on the forum. I need to get to know how this multi-threading works on this site, hehe!
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    Hi there, I'm glad to find a forum like this. I will be starting my PGCE Primary Education course with community languages at Bedford uni from September 2012. My little one is soon to be 4. My main worry about the course is her and our time together. I just worry so much about it already.


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