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University of Northampton... William Carey Halls?!

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    Hi Everyone, I decided to make a new thread about University of Northampton and those staying in William Carey Halls of Residence. I Just thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get to know people before I start uni.

    Im Staying in Flat 41

    & I am studying Accounting and Marketing
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    Hey I'm in Flat 41 too room 5 Studying Sport & Exercise Science, glad I found someone! xox
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    Yayyyy!! I'm glad I found someone too! Nice to meet you I've been trying to find out who's staying in my flat for ages, I just want to make new friends before I start lol xx

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    Hahaha sweet I only got my offer last night came on here & yours was the first post was like woop Yeah can't wait to start uni should be great fun So where abouts are you from? Xox
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    I'm all the way in London! Lol! Yeah I can't wait to start too! I'm looking forward to freshers week xx

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    Ah sweet I'm not to far away - Colchester in Essex Ahh I just wanna start now, going to be so cool living away from home literally cannot wait!Northamptons of what I've read iss pretty good for nightlife, so should be good
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    Yes! I heard the nightlife is pretty awesome. It's gonna be so weird living on my own, but I'm looking forward to it. I really hope our other flat mates are really nice xx

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    im in flat 42 but i cant find anyone else !!!!
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    Flat 36
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    I'm in flat 46
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    (Original post by lilyenefer)
    im in flat 42 but i cant find anyone else !!!!

    I'm in flat 44 and I can't find anyone either!!
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    Flat 30 + studying biology!?

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Updated: August 24, 2012
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