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Man peeping through letterbox

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    (Original post by Politricks)
    Don't blame me, you asked for it
    duru dun dun du im loving it. (McDonalds)
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    (Original post by JamesNeedHelp2)
    duru dun dun du im loving it. (McDonalds)
    Are you okay, bro?
    I think people negging you has severe psychological impacts on you.
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    That is very creepy. Perhaps change your letterbox to the ones that have the little bristles?

    The only thing I don't understand however is how do you know he was standing there peeking in for so long if you only just saw him and screamed causing him to leave.
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    Woah, that does sound creepy. I'd guess that it wasn't malicious, though, just someone delivering a package (a person on your road, perhaps?) who felt like doing something weird.
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    (Original post by Politricks)
    Are you okay, bro?
    I think people negging you has severe psychological impacts on you.
    I'm still not impressed "bro".
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    Maybe he was lonely
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    What did you cook for breakfast? Maybe he was hungry.

    In all seriousness, that's weird as **** and would scare me too. Very odd.

    If anyone thinks this is normal, ask yourself if you'd peek through a letterbox at a young girl for a while before posting an item.
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    Maybe he was just looking to see if the parcel would fit through the letter box and noticed that you had a lovely vase or something.

    Or, he could be the pervert who's been looking into houses while masturbating around my area. Anyway, have a good nights sleep.


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Updated: June 28, 2012
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