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Law and accommodation at Uclan

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    Hello, unsure if there's already a post for this, however I'm looking to study law at Uclan and wondered what accommodation was closest/ most recommended. I'm not bothered about cost but would like en suite and to be self-catered.
    Any ideas?

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    Unfortunately, with UCLan's own accommodation (i.e. using uclans system) you only choose ensuite/standard with no choice of specific halls. I know Law is in Harris building, however i've seen a few Law lectures using different buildings, and all halls are very close to/on campus (10-15 minute walk across campus maximum).

    Hopefully someone can recommend the best private halls, since I haven't stayed in any of them. I was in IQ Kopa in my first year though and I'd recommend that over the university owned halls (i.e, roeburn, eden etc)
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    Moor lane is good place for all the buildings is easy to get everywhere I am doing law and I found it the best well priced private halls some of the others are really good like lawson and Brunel worth having a look at if you want to know anything about the course let me know
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    Ok thanks guys that's really helpful! I'm looking into various options but plan on it being my insurance as I know I can achieve the grades so I know I have something to fall back upon!x

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Updated: June 29, 2012
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