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Most annoying questions?

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    I'm quiet an irritable person anyway, but what what are some of the most annoying questions someone could ask you?
    For me it has to be either :
    1) What have you been up to recently?
    2) What do you want to do when you're older?

    I don't know why, they just really bug me
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    "how are you?"
    "whats everyone up to?" (i have to give a report on what each member of my family is doing)
    "is that your natural hair?"

    "Hows UCAS?" Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    "What are your plans for this summer?"

    Feel to embarrassed to simply say "nothing"
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    (Original post by 079)
    "whats everyone up to?" (i have to give a report on what each member of my family is doing)
    ^ this also!
    also the "how are you" of course.

    I know people are asking it just to seem interested in what you're doing and nice, but i just don't understand what they benefit from asking it. It's become a generic conversation starter when seeing someone or on the phone - just annoys me!
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    1) "When are you getting married?" - That's what "aunties" ask me at weddings.
    2) "Are you 'half-caste' ?"
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    ''How's the girlfriend ?'' - Bearing in mind Ive given the same reply for 16 years ''I don't have one''.
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    "Is that you're natural eyes" or "are you wearing contacts" when I'am not....these top the list. And also "How are you" when clearly you are upset or ill...are really annoying.
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    People that ask other people "Are you OK?", when they're obviously not.
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    "Can I ask a question?"
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    'What's it like being a twin?'. :unimpressed:
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    After an exam "So how did it go?"

    and also "What do your parents do?" Are you going to judge me on what my parents do? I just find it so pointless to ask, like what they do for a living will impact on how you view me.
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    anything on the TSR that starts with the words,

    Why does god...?


    Do i look fat...?


    'what is it like being 6 foot 6?'
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    (Original post by sweetcorndolly)
    After an exam "So how did it go?"
    Yeah or before A-Level exams arguably the most important exams of my life so far "Have you revised?".

    (Original post by 079)
    "whats everyone up to?" (i have to give a report on what each member of my family is doing)

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App
    I despise that question. Going round to see what everybody is doing. Does it really matter? Does the person really care?

    (Original post by ChocoholicPolyglot)
    1) "When are you getting married?" - That's what "aunties" ask me at weddings.
    I've been asked this question by some relative I don't even know. I've known people who attempt to start conversations with that question
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    "I'm going to the doctors. I feel sick."
    "Aww, why do you feel sick?"

    I don't know. That's why I'm going to the doctors.
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    "who the hell are you?"
    "why are you in my house?"
    "what's in that bag?"

    ... just a few of the more annoying ones really :/
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    "So how's the dissertation coming along then?"
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    "You alright?"
    I always look at the person blankly, not knowing how to answer it. :mmm:
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    (Original post by kartace)
    "who the hell are you?"
    "why are you in my house?"
    lol :d hilarious
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    When people greet me with "Alright", are they asking me if i'm alright or are they saying hello?


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