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GSK Assesment Centre

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    Hello, Just got an email today, been invited to an Assessment centre in Barnard castle for the chemical analyst/ microbiologist apprenticeship, was simply wondering if anyone else was going/has been to one before.

    Thank you.
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    Well done! when is your assessment day? I have mine on Thursday for a buisness and admin apprenticeship. Do you have to do a presentation as part of your assessment?
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    Hello , i just had my assessment day today, it went really well and yes i had to prepare a presentation in advance.
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    Oh that's good!! hopefully you will get the job! How many people were at your assessment centre? Any tips or advice? I'm getting nervous now! Haha Glad yours went well!
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    There was 8 on mine, 4 for engineering, 2 chemical analysts and 2 microbiologists, really dont be nervous, i dont know if yours will be set out differently but, the presentation is only infront of two interviewers and the interview isnt awkward, make sure you know abit about the company and why you want the role, what you could bring to the company, also have in your head a list of scenarios for when they ask you to "describe a situation wherby you had to persuade someone" and "describe a time when a problem had two or more options available and how did you chose which option was best" generic questions like those, just be confident it really isnt as bad as i thought, it was my first ever formal interview and i came out quite confident i had done well,
    Good Luck
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    Oh really I presumed that for each different job there would be a different assessment day! But I suppose that's good as it means you have been narrowed down to the last few!
    Thanks for all the detail that was a big help! my assessment day will last 3 and a half hours, is that how long yours lasted? Also on the website it says there might be individual exercises like a role play or a group exercise? Did you do anything like that? Also where you asked questions about your presentation? Sorry about all the questions!
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    No worries , mine was from 8:30-12:15 ran over a bit because of some interviewers taking along time!, they ask you a few questions about your presentation but they seem to be more personal as opposed to professional like how did you feel not could you tell me a problem you faced during the trip etc. you do have to do a group activity but its not the outcome of the activity that matters its how you interact as a group so try to be the one who speaks first and gives everyone a job as this will show initiative, i was sat on a large table with three others doing the activity while there were about 15 people sat around taking notes!
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    Oh okay thanks I'll make sure I speak up during the group exercise!
    Do they test you on the companies competencies?
    Thanks for all your help did they let you know when you would find out? Hope you get the job! (hope I do to haha)
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    They ask you why you have picked GSK, and if you understand what the company does but nothing to testing if you have looked at the background of the company, thank you! and good luck on your assessment day!
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    Just got back a while ago, I think it went fine! Thanks for all your help though, really appreciate it
    Let me know how you get on!!
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    I have this exact assessment on friday!? I'm kinda nervous and was wondering if you had any extra tips?
    Also could you tell me what you did your presentation on? I'm stuck for ideas at the mo,
    Many Thanks, George
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    I have this exact assessment on friday!? I'm kinda nervous and was wondering if you had any extra tips?
    Also could you tell me what you did your presentation on? I'm stuck for ideas at the mo,
    Many Thanks, George


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