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Woman jailed for running brothel after getting sick of benefits

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    (Original post by Empire08)
    Only £40? Sounds like she was under charging!
    What do you pay?
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    (Original post by badcheesecrispy)

    POLICE say they are cracking down on the sex trade after a former pottery worker was jailed for running a brothel.

    Fifty-three-year-old Maryellen Mayer made £23,000 running a massage parlour in Middleport before it was raided by police.

    Mayer started running the Newcastle Street brothel after ill health forced her to retire from the pottery industry.

    Bored of sitting at home on benefits, the court heard she saw the brothel as an opportunity to run a business.

    She took it on in March 2008 and ran it until it was raided by police in January.

    Punters would hand over £40 a time, of which £27 would go to the working girl. Mayer would pocket £10, while £3 was set aside for "cleaning".

    The court heard Mayer would receive about £500 a month, so it was estimated she had made £23,000 during her time at the helm. She had worked as a prostitute herself for around nine years, and would fill in at Academy when she was short-staffed.

    During the court case, Mayer's barrister Jason Holt said: "Mrs Mayer worked for 30 years as a lithographer, until she developed repetitive strain injury in her arm.

    "For a short period she received incapacity benefit but she was bored. She was offered this opportunity and rather naively thought there was nothing wrong with it. Everyone who worked with Mrs Mayer speaks fondly of her."

    The court heard the five prostitutes who worked for Mayer were aged between 25 and 50, were not drug users and many were just supplementing their income from other jobs.

    The premises was regularly visited by the police. But on January 16 officers raided the brothel.

    They found two women dressed in lingerie, and two customers. One of the men said he had been visiting Academy every week for two years.

    Seriously, what an absolute waste of police time and taxpayers money. This woman started a business after rightly becoming bored on benefits, employs normal women who arnt drug addicted or troubled and provides them not only with an income but a safe place to work, and she is jailed, at the tax payers expense? This just shows the difference in tolerance of these places per police force, they really should legalise this practice outright as it seems this place was properly run employing healthy girls and paying tax also, and they shut it down? The government is clueless on the amount of tax legalizing and regulating this business would bring in, aswell as how much safer it would make many women.

    How was this woman exploiting other women, when she had worked as a prostitute herself for 9 years and filled in at her brothel when she was understaffed? Sounds like a legitimate business to me, not only that 500 a month is hardly a huge profit!
    Aye aye, hope those visits weren't when they were on duty....lol
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    (Original post by Maker)
    What do you pay?
    About 50-80 Euro.


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Updated: June 28, 2012
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