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Finding it difficult to rent a place

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    I've been unemployed for half a year now after uni, and being out in the sticks I feel is the biggest factor in not being able to find (or get to) a job. So I want to move out of my parents, closer to/in the city so I'm right in the heart of it. But so far, I've been rejected either during the letting agent vetting process or after they contacted the landlord who refused to take on an umemployed tenant.

    Note that I am NOT on housing benefits, or any benefits of any kind... I have substantial savings, certainly enough to pay off the full amount of the short term let ... I have told this to them, but they never accept. I also have previous landlord references whilst at uni, who I have all paid on time (sometimes in advance) with no fuss. Ad of course my parents - homeowners - can be my guarantor. But their policy of no DSS (when really they mean no unemployed) is completely non flexible.

    How do I get out of this rut?
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    I think the problem is short term rental. Many landlords do not take less than 12 months. When I was a student. the landlord asked for the full 9 months rental in advance + 2 months deposit. It was harsh but we have no choice as we didn't want to go for 1 year rental.

    Have you ever considered renting just a room.
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    How about moving in as a lodger with someone? There are always adverts on gumtree, and you may find that individuals are more relaxed about it.

    As you say you have significant savings, could you pay a certain number of month's rent upfront?
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    thanks for the replies. I've offered to pay the full 6 months. Still get rejected. As for living with others, to be honest I've had my fair share in uni. I just want to live independently, on my own and knuckle down with work.
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    You offered to pay the entire lease upfront and still got rejected?
    That's stupid.
    This is just speculation, but I think many lettings agent are actually part of the same parent company (i.e. Countrywide Residential) which means they might have standardized policies. The local lettings agents might not be able to deviate from the procedure outlined by their head office legal department. This could include the 'affordability calculations', which your situation falls foul of, despite common sense. It's therefore proving hard to get any different answers from anyone, because they're obliged to give the same answer.

    I know you've been knocked back by landlords in the past, but maybe try the private adverts on Gumtree. They're gonna be a lot less professional, but 6 months rent in advance could be attractive to some of them. The problem with the private route is that this tends to be where the rogue landlords who are ignorant or arrogant about the law prey on the weak.

    Good luck.
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    I don't think 6 months lease is long enough for many landlord. Try to offer 12 month, most of them will say yes. It might help if you ask your parents to be guarantor.

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Updated: June 28, 2012
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