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Mother knows best

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    Do not go down to the wild wild wood
    With your hair so long and your sandals so red
    It is better to remain in the bosom of home
    With your sister your cat and your candlewicked bed
    But if you should find that your footsteps have strayed
    To the mossy old path 'neath the crowcawing oaks
    Make sure that you speak to nobody at all
    Especially a man be he never so small
    For men in the woods are all friendly at first
    And offer you treats and much laughter
    But when they have snared you they hide you away
    In some tumbledown shack in an unhallowed glade
    To eke out your days as their daughter
    Your hair is now matted and tangled with weeds
    Your sandals are faded to grey
    If only you'd listened to boring old Mum
    You wouldn't be sleeping in clay


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Updated: June 28, 2012
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