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Are you happy with where you ended up?

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    Had this discussion with a friend quite recently. The question is pretty simple: are you happy with the university/course you ended up at/with?

    If not, where did you envision yourself? And what did you see yourself doing.
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    Extremely happy. Couldn't have picked a better course or university for myself.

    I would love to have done medicine or law, but I am not that way inclined, it doesn't interest me and I don't have the aptitude for Biology or essays.
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    I was happy when I got in, but as time went on I realised that I could have got in somewhere much better, and done a course that would have made me happier. But a bit late for regrets now I've finished and got my degree!
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    I am happy, taking a gap year helped me make the right decision.
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    To be completely honest, I was absolutely gutted when I didn't get my first choice to do Medicinal Chem at York, so when I went to Nottingham obviously I wasn't looking forward to it as much as I should have been.

    I found that the social aspects like nights out and societies are far better than what York had to offer, and even though I've since changed my course, I'm glad I ended up at Nottingham
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    hm, happy with course,not with uni
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    (Original post by LSD)
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    I'm very happy with my course and uni in general. No matter what people on here think of it, it was the perfect course and the uni genuinely cares about its students.
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    love my course. love my Uni (sheffield)

    all my life i wanted to do verterinary science- but sadly, i was not good enough at the sciences

    When i was applying for UCAS it was literaly a flip of the coin for Psychology/Philosophy and Law (i did all 3 at A level and couldnt decide ) yehh...so my future went on a whim and im doing psych/phil and i know it was the right choice and im really happy
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    I'm unsure to be honest. I enjoy my course, but I can't help but feel there's something else i'd rather be doing. I just can't see myself working in the area i'm studying.
    I'm stuck right now in deciding whether I should stick it through or switch. I've just finished the first year.

    If I decide to leave i'd have to take a year out to reapply again. My family aren't big on that idea, and i'm not either really. Obviously there's the higher fees that i'd have to pay (although I know when it comes to paying them back there's no difference, but still just the numbers are off-putting). If I stay on my current course I was accepted to study abroad for a year, a great opportunity and something i've always wanted to do.

    But then I can't help feeling that doing something that i'd rather be doing overrules all of those. Although considering I do actually sort of enjoy my course, there's also the worry that once i've switched i'll feel i've made a stupid decision.
    It's really bloody hard! I'd like a fresh start, but there's just seems to be so many reasons why I shouldn't.


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Updated: June 29, 2012
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