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Could I get out of my 'assured shorthold tenancy agreement'?

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    So I was kinda rushed into making a quick decision whether to stay or not at my current property. It was a horrible feeling because at the time I felt totally 50/50 about staying or moving to another city as I hadnt had time to deliberate about it and some unforeseen social issue made me want to leave. I initially made the decision I would go but once they started advertising the property I had second thoughts and got another 6 months as I was scared if I left prematurely Id really regret it.

    Now though as Im just coming to start my new 6 months Im thinking I made the wrong decision- altho in hindsight due to not knowing either way it was a gamble- and I hate to gamble. So Im trying tnot to beat myself up about it saying to myself I didnt have enough info so made the best decision I thought I could at the time. Anyhow it is what it is and I would really prefer to get out of it if I could as I really feel this city has gone stale and want to move on asap.

    So I just read the clauses about breaking the agreement early and it says:

    "If the tenant vacates the premises during the Term apart from according to any agreed break clause which is included within the agreement, the tenant will remain liable to pay rent and any other monies payable under this Agreement until the Term expires; or the premises are re-let whichever is earlier."

    Now if this were the only issue then it would work fine I would have thought. The property is in a prime location in the city centre so Im confident it would get taken quickly. Is there anything else I should be concerned of?

    My main concern would be that I get a bad name with them and then when it came to get a new place and they asked for a reference it would look bad seeing that I broke the last tenancy agreement. Any ways around this? eitehr by avoiding them giving me a bad ref or maybe not having to get a ref from them? whichever seems best?

    Id prefer not have to find a new tenant myself if I didnt have to since Ill have alot of work already finding a new place in a new city and I have no social circle to ask or anything of that nature. Though I know this is an 'amicable' option ppl have suggested to me.

    Ive thought about asking my estate agents what would be the consequences of me doing it but just doing so would ring alarm bells with them know and that alone could flag me up as a liability and relegate me to the 'black book'?

    Thoughts? Anything else I should take into account etc? other options I havent thought of to get out of it etc?
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    Are you able to contact your landlord? (As in the owner of the property).

    Or is it an agency you would need to contact?

    If you can speak to the landlord directly, and explain the situation, I'm sure they will understand and help you work out a solution that's good for both of you.

    If it's an agency, you're ****ed.
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    Yes, its an agency...altho they do contact the landlord- ie they are in constant communicae with him- when i tell them something they tell him what I say and ring me straight back.
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    In practice - any landlord will help you get out of an AST by reletting - especially if you offer to do the legwork of advertising and showing it to potential tenants. Why? Well, what is the alternative? You just move out and they leave the place vacant whilst they unsuccessfully try to pursue through the courts for the lost rent? Do me a favour - never happens. Also - who ever asks for a property reference? Nobody. High street agencies ask for credit checks but even still - they really just do that as a money spinner (£30+ for a £0.30 Experian report)
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    There is no bad tennant register yet. But if you want to leave on good terms and get your deposit back, help the landlord to find a new tennant. The agent will no doubt have charged the landlord a fee for renewing the tennancy agreement and will charge another for getting a new tennant. So be as helpful as you can if you want to leave early.

    Whilst most landlords won't bother pursuing you, you could get unlucky and end up with a CCJ if you don't pay an monies due under the agreement. That may affect your ability to rent in the future.
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    Thanks for info.

    I think Im gonna stick out the 6 months now as itll soon come around.
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    Actually maybe I wont if tehre are any other suggestions, form ppl go ahead. In two minds still .
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    So if I still wanna go how could I tell the agents and make the best impression I can?

    What is a good excuse to say? I thought maybe I could say I got another job offer (tho id prefer make one up which wasnt a lie as i work from home :P), what other legit reasons are there?

    Should I offer compensation for the trouble?

    I am thinking maybe propose it and ask what the landlord thinks and say I dont def wanna go but want to and ask if the landlord is ok with it what would be the conditions so they dont think im gonna just do a runner.

    I dont wanna have to find another tenant and all that bull**** as finding my own new place is stressful enough so wanna avoid that if I can


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