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Thoughts on Miley Cyrus's Red Carpet Look?

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    I just read this article and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the publication attacks her for showing "too much cleavage." Meanwhile, how many other actors/singers/celebrities out there show too much cleavage ALL THE TIME and never get berated by the media? Katy Perry, anyone?

    I think that the article treats her as though she is still a child, when the fact is that she is now an adult, she is engaged, and she can wear what she wants as long as it's not hurting anyone. I personally did not think her dress showed too much cleavage, nor did I think that she is a slut for wearing it. In fact, I personally think the dress looks classy and elegant, and makes her look very mature.

    Any thoughts?

    Here is the article: http://www.mydaily.co.uk/2012/06/28/...?ncid=webmail3
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    I can't see what is wrong with her dress, I don't think that she is showing too much cleavage, it doesn't look like she has big enough boobs to give any cleavage to be honest. Nothing wrong with the dress or anything,

    I can see why some people might think that she is showing too much because she does have an association with young kids however as op stated she is an adult so she can wear what she likes
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    She'd get it.
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    Not a fan. I agree with the article, looks like she's just wearing a bra and skirt.

    Cut outs can look amazing when they're done properly - this would look great if the triangle section was kept but the top part of her chest covered. The sheer sleeves are a bit odd too. And the hair!
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    Way too skin revealing.

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    Who cares?
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    (Original post by PinkyPurply)
    Who cares?
    You, because you made the effort to contribute to this thread :borat:
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    her hair is awful...she looked much nicer as a brunette..
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    You can never have too much boob.
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    Oh goodness me, she has a bit of flesh on show :rolleyes: She is hardly wearing a massively inappropriate cleavage dress anyway, her chest is completely covered
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    I think that she looks amazing! Even though her dress could be mistaken for a bra, it's hardly inappropriate
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    In fairness...I'd bang her.
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    Next time she should show some more. And maybe some bum as well....

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    i actually really like this dress
    i think she has an excellent figure, and shows it off perfectly. if i looked like her id be wearing this too!!
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    If there wasn't that triangle section missing, it would look good. It looks stupid as it is.
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    She is hot.
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    That looks like a nipple piercing necklace! ha. Cut her some slack guys, she's just trying really hard to get rid of her Hannah Montana image
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    I don't think it's a particularly classy dress, but hardly too much cleavage as she doesn't seem to have breasts big enough to show it.
    God, I'm so bored to be commenting on what Miley freaking Cyrus wears.
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    ummm... i'm not a fan of the whole ensemble... including hair. miley is gorgeous but this just makes her look a bit tacky, which she doesn't need to be. if she likes wearing this then good for her but... i'm not a fan.
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    its not overly revealing but it is still a horrible dress.


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Updated: July 1, 2012
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