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Short Story

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    What do you think of this:

    A tangible feeling of expectation hung in the air, inquisitive stares and some nasty glares were locked onto the barren stage. I could see that the audience were anticipating a miracle but I couldn't disappoint and with that thought I gallantly stepped onto the stage.
    The pressure mounted on me, it was colossal. Maintaining eye contact with my spectators, I paced along the stage, claiming my territory, like a lion on new lands. An very silence stole through the room, I had each onlookers' attention, their eyes following mine as though hoping I would spare them a passing glance so they might me unawares and reveal every secret to my name, but I couldn't let that happen. I was the Great Majastar and I was ready, to captivate all.
    I introduced my creation, a new trick, an astonishing trick, it was to dazzle the audience, defying all of nature's laws. All the heads had turned in my direction, following me wherever I led them. Like a gaze upon a shooting star. The intense white spotlight shone upon me, revealing all of my potential flaws. The heat was unbearable, it caused droplets of sweat to roll down my bare back.
    As I walked and spoke in a charismatic tone, my stride faltered as tripped on a raised plank of wood.
    Undeterred by the niggles of laughter that followed, I began to explain what was coming up.
    "Most Magic is just a trick of the eye, most people who have attempted this consider it rather dangerous, so be warned. What is to follow isn't a trick but pure magic." my voice bellowed.
    I heard it reverberate to the rear of the magnificent auditorium, much like the echoes of a vast cave.
    I selected a random member of the audience to inspect two wooden solid doors which stood prominently on each side of the stage. His eyes darted between the two, peering into every depth but to no avail. He was content with the stage and contraptions, although he strolled back to his seat with his head hanging, as if wanting to have exposed a secret.
    With that I threw my raven black hat to the other side of the stage and walked through the first door. I remember the audiences' eyes tracking it as it glided effortlessly through the air. I disappeared and "I" caught it. The applause was thunderous, like a forceful avalanche plundering down a rocky mountain.
    I could only imagine the sheer exhilaration that he felt, the sheer joy if being adored by every audience we encounter. Each crowd bestowing a new gem upon his crown of self-importance. Consequently, he came to understand his necessity in the act, he began to abuse his power, even exploit it.

    With this trick I needed a double, a twin, someone identical to me, so that when I opened the door fully to conceal the trap door through which I would plummet down. He would take his place as me, thus forcing the belief upon the audience, that I had teleported from one side of the stage to the other. A simple trick of the eye.


    After the cheering had finally subsided I dusted myself off and stumbled through the inky darkness below the stage until I reached the dressing room doors.
    Through the cracks in the stage I could see three bright lights shining onto the stage. All intertwined to create a mystical colour, before merging each was distinctive; a deep, majestic blue... An emerald green... And a blazing cherry red... My own design, the audiences' mood changed with the colours simultaneously, the reversed effects of a mood ring.
    I opened the doors, and came face to face with my perfect replica. I congratulated him on the performance, adding that it went "magically".
    Following the great successes, we performed countless nights, including to Sir Terastar by personal request. Then he began to jeopardise the shows, late entrances which resulted in the hat lazily floating onto the unpolished floors. He even removed the hay below the hidden door on which I would land... He had complete power and authority over me, he was my puppet master. My identity was being constructed by an imposter and I had no control whatsoever. It was my face, with his endless, added characteristics. I had to end it, but how?

    If you're wondering how exactly the magic occurs and how I render my audience speechless; you should know, that a magician never reveals his secrets.
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    Quite an interesting story, but it feels more like the start of something longer than a complete story in itself.
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    (Original post by Dunc1)
    Quite an interesting story, but it feels more like the start of something longer than a complete story in itself.
    Thanks, it's super short as we had to write it in an hour :P but I wouldn't mind writing a big story to it


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