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Knee problems

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    I have a problem with both my knees, does anyone know what it could be?
    I have a constant discomfort on the inside of both knees, if I bend down too quickly it feels like my muscles being pinched. When sitting down, if I cross my legs again I get the pain
    I've tried to do squats t the end of last year and couldn't perform the whole movement without pain. Recently my left knee at the back has started to hurt when I walk for more than 20 mins or so.
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    Go to a physio. I don't think anyone here can give you more than some pretty basic advice/self help which is likely to aggravate your situation.
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    I agree, go to a physio/doctor.

    I ignored a referral to a physio after being diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatters disease when I was 13/14 odd. I now have a knee that aches all the time (especially in cold weather) and has possibly contributed to injuries to ligaments and muscle damage.

    Get it sorted!
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    I think I will but it won't be until mid August as I'm trying to sort out moving to Glasgow

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    Don't ignore your knees I'd get to the doctor asap and get a referral if they don't know what it is. I made a mistake of this, I went about 7 years ago to the doctors and get referred to hospital for an mri, turns out I had a stress fracture in my knee. they offered key hole but said it could recover naturally as I was young, it never did and I carried on exercising and broke it last year . Horrible recovery process and it will never be the same, so if I could go back I'd have just had key hole and sorted it there and then instead of having to open and **** about with it when it fully broke.

    Obviously I'm 99% sure yours won't be as bad as it's both of them, but just a heads up to look after your knees!

    Definitely get it sorted asap
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    Went to hospital yesterday as my knee felt like it was going to explode, been referred to a knee clinic in a week or so

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    My Mum had a similar problem so I thought I'd tell you her experience incase it's the same. Obviously if it's another cause you might go down another route, but in her case she had to have an MRI scan which took about 30 minutes (have to do each knee separately) and as a result of what they found on that she had to go for an arthroscopy which was key hole surgery under general anaesthetic. It is a day case, and you don't usually have to stay in unless your surgery is late on in the day in which case it's easier for you to be admitted as you have to have a couple of hours observation. They say three weeks is the rest period after which point you can start doing light exercise on it and start building up to your usual training schedule.

    As I said this might not apply to you depending on the course of your problem, but this is just one eventuality that I could help you out with!


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Updated: June 30, 2012
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