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Things you LOVE about football

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    Although moaning & complaining is second nature to most British football fans, I thought I would start a thread about the things we love about the sport. How about a little optimism? :gah:

    Regista/deep-lying playmaker
    Scottish commentators
    "...scores when he wants" chant and all variations thereof (never gets old)
    Long throws :teeth:
    Kits with collars
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    Hot girls in the crowd
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    Watching grown men cry.
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    Last minute goals.

    .. except when they are scored by City.
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    That moment when everyone in the room shouts 'ball' in appreciation of a good pass.
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    Relating to football in general:
    The English league system set-up
    Non League football
    Five Live commentary
    Sports Report and James Alexander Gordon
    Fantasy football banter

    Relating to quirks of attending matches:
    Traditional grounds and new grounds built in the traditional style (Goodison Park, Stamford Bridge respectively)
    The variation among grounds visited
    Excitement when travelling to and from away games
    Atmosphere at away games
    Being allowed to stand
    Good pies
    Good pubs in towns
    Sloop John B chants

    Relating to Tottenham:
    Benoît Assou-Ekotto: can't explain my love for this man in English
    Steffen Freund: for outdoing being "not very good" ten times over with his pure passion and love for the club
    Ledley King: how loyalty to a team really should be
    Flowing football
    Goals being scored in the Park Lane end
    The feel-good walk back down the High Road when we've just won and the weather isn't freezing cold
    Derbies, above all against Arsenal but also Chelsea and West Ham
    Cut price tickets and practically free loyalty points for cup games
    The loyal feeling on "Thursday night, Channel 5" games on actually turning up and not caring because it's Tottenham :love:
    Our special all white Euro kit

    Will think of more
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    Short shorts
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    Seeing one of our many academy products go on to become great footballers. Usually for another team. :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by FrostyLemon)
    Seeing one of our many academy products go on to become great footballers. Usually for another team. :rolleyes:
    :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

    :emo: :cry: :diep:

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    unpredictability of it. underdogs etc
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    (Original post by rockrunride)
    :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

    You can keep mini judas. Letting go of your other West Ham academy products Carrick and Redknapp will probably be your downfall. :P

    I hope.

    Edit: Actually I think we might have had Sol too. For a year or so before he went to Spurs :P. But it was only a year so you can have that one.
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    Boss celebration let offs.

    Daniel aggers goal v Chelsea in the CL sent me down 7 rows on the kop.

    Can't beat a boss let off with ya mates/
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    Celebrations- especially when unique
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    Quality Goals/Exciting games
    Mario Balotelli and other loveable nutcases
    Watching with friends
    Hilarious songs that the crowd sing
    When commentators try desperately to ignore people in the crowd blatantly shouting 'Cnt' and 'Fck'
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    The emotion! Rene's cartwheels are one of the wonders of the world!
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    FIFA's , UEFA's and the FA's decision making!

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    The genius from Sky Sports that came up with the “interactive red button service” on Champions League nights allowing you flick between 15 matches (and possible flick over to ITV for the one remaining game) over two nights!
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    Funny football chants
    Long range shots that end in goals
    Dramatic events like turning from 2-0 to 5-2 (wink, wink) or missing/scoring goals at the last minute
    French national team of 1998
    football tricks
    atmosphere of big matches
    International tournaments as that usually means sitting comfortably on the couch for a month long of football everyday

    Oh how I love football :adore:
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    Away days, not knowing where you are but walking into an unknown pub you've been text about and finding it full of West Ham
    Travelling with mates on the train
    Falling over chairs celebrating
    Standing up
    The fashion
    London derbies
    Christian Daily


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