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Stone Roses 29th June

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    Will anybody be at the concert today/tonight in Heaton Park?

    Just curious :')

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    I'm going on Sunday, have a great time today though! Hopefully the weather stays nice
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    Yes, hopefully! As long as there isn't much rain I'm not too fussed. It should be AMAZING. And you may want to buy a cheap rain poncho (the ones made of of carrier bag plastic), they're selling them in Asda for £1 if you don't fancy taking a coat.

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    I was there and to be honest it was awful.

    Now I understand Ian Brown can't ding but the bans have absolutely zero stage presence. Fireworks at the end of a gig is a joke as far as I'm concerned.

    We wanted an encore not a ****ing firework show.

    A warning to those travelling by train - you WILL NOT make the last train unless you leave early.

    Roads surrounding the place will be closed, public transport is pointless as the buses can't move.

    Felt robbed and underwhelmed if I'm totally honest, I've been to literally hundreds of gigs but never been so disappointed.

    This is one final pay day/ego massage for monkey man and his cohorts, can't really blame them though.


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Updated: June 30, 2012
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