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First year grades + masters.

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    So, I got my grades back last week for first year and didn't too very well overall.
    I also failed one exam and one piece of coursework too which I will have to retake over the next few weeks.
    However, my first year counts for nothing towards my degree.

    I was just wondering, when applying for a masters, will the universities look at my individual grades, even if I have a 2:1/1st at the end of my degree as many just say you should have a 2:1 etc.

    Could someone just help me out here.
    Thanks guys.
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    They will look at all of your results yes, although to be honest your final grade matters more than anything else.
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    I can't imagine mine having looked at my first year grades, although they weren't exactly bad. It really the core modules of the degree, and very few if any of those occur during the first year.
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    First year grades probably aren't considered as important as the final grade but I think they probably do look for consistence in grades. Like consistently good grades throughout. Especially if there's a lot of competition.

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    Depends on when you apply. If you're applying while still in 3rd year then, of course, they'll only see your 1st/2nd year grades. That doesn't mean that they'll outright reject you unless your 2nd year grades are appalling. A good PS/references can offset bad 1st year grades.


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