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    He's the man. I liked him before, I love him now. I have the utmost respect for this guy. As crazy as he is, he is nothing short of passionate. Football needs more players like him.

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    Whatever anyone says about him, I don't think many can deny that he is a quality footballer
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    Quality player. Cheap haircut.
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    He is absolute quality.
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    I think Balotelli's personality/sense of humor is 10 times better than his footballing skills.

    He is a great footballer.
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    Balotelli is the man
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    Great footballer and I think he's a great personality to have in the football world as well. I bet the City players have a right laugh with him!
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    He's a great footballer but I hate watching him play because when he's at his best all you hear is stupid comments from the commentators like : ''Mario is great on the pitch but my god is he a crazy man'' and ''quality player its a shame he has to let himself down with his stupid antics'' why not mention ashley cole and john terry's affairs every time they touch the ball ?
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    Didn't think too high of him untill yesterday's game.

    edit: Now, "Yesterdays game" was against Germany when he performed pretty well and scored 2 goals. Why the negs?? tss...
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    Just 21 years old and he's already played a role in his club's winning the Premiership and his country's appearance in a European championship. Imagine if he gets top scorer and wins... :sogood:

    He's a great player even when he's not scoring goals. Surely I'm not the only one who saw how many times Hummels/Badstuber/Boateng fouled Balo as he held up the ball yesterday? Not only that, he's getting better and better at timing his runs. Dribbling, strength, aerial ability, and a thunderous shot; super Mario is the complete modern-day striker.
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    Love the quote!
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    He's amazing.
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    He's so good that they need Van Persie, Aguero and Tevez.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love how everyone's started loving him now, even though the same people were like '****ing disgrace hope he goes to jail for assault' after he stamped/tripped up/whatever on Scott Parker a few months back.

    For the record, I've liked him ever since that quality flick goal against Blackburn(?), he just has this swagger and nonchalance you have to admire.
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    Goes missing 4 times out of 10 in the Premier league but he's a top guy and when he is on form, he's brilliant.

    Hope he scores Sunday.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've always liked him. Top class lad.

    When on song, he's one of those players that are unplayable.
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    I believe he's a good player, once he calms down and focus on the game he's indestructible. For example, against England and Germany he gave disciplined performances.
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    He's overrated. Commentators wet themselves over him and it's silly.

    I think he is a perfectly good player in decent form with an attitude problem, but still perfectly good. He is not special though. Sorry. Pundits are fickle and talk out of their arse. I've seen enough below average performances from him with Man City and would not rely on such a drama queen.


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