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Central Fitness last man standing deadlift comp July 7th

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    OK short notice I know but it's in Birmingham so really central, a bit of fun that there's no reason to peak for but I'm guessing there will also be really good lifters around and a good atmosphere. Ideal for a first comp I would say. I only noticed it today and I will do it schedule permitting.

    For under 90s which most of us are the starting weight for amateurs is 160, "pros" is around 200. Not sure about over 90s but if there is enough interest I'll ask. I think the weight raises by 10 kilos until only one person is left in.

    Entry is £5, no entry form or anything but if you are serious PM me your name and I'll forward it to the organiser. Apparently he needs lifters. It will be worth doing even if you can only make one lift.
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    I was actually thinking about doing this...Saw it advertised the other day.

    Am I able to use the gym after? Also what time does it start?

    Might try and get a 220kg deadlift!
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    Do you have to take the lifts at each 10kg increase?
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    I was actually thinking about doing this...Saw it advertised the other day.

    Am I able to use the gym after? Also what time does it start?
    Not sure why you would want to, but probably if you ask them. Worst that could happen is they ask for £4 or whatever the single session rate is.

    Might try and get a 220kg deadlift!
    Good luck.

    Do you have to take the lifts at each 10kg increase?
    I'm not sure if it's 10 kg, the weights are to be finalised. However the format of last man standing is you take the weights at each increment, you don't skip attempts or call your own weights.
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    I guess it starts in the morning, 10 or 11 sort of time is usual.
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    OK. There is a good chance I should be going..also on the advertising thing it said best overall for weight or something, does that do a wilks with your actual weight? Is it worth me coming early and not drinking water and stuff before the weigh in?

    I'm not sure of my weight at the moment, but I reckon I could get below 75kg with a bit of dehydration.
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    Probably not because
    a. it will not be as fun
    b. the weight classes are only <90 and >90
    c. if you have a chance of winning you will need to take a lot of lifts and you'll tire faster if you cut and be more likely to miss a crucial lift
    d. even if it does increase your chance of winning the prize probably won't exactly be the Jules Rimet

    Obviously it's up to you but that's why I wouldn't do it.
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    All I was going to do is plan on not having breakfast or water in the morning and weigh in and then have it after. I live in Brum anyway and am not an early riser. I usually have breakfast about 10am anyway.


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