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Taking car to uni?

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    Is taking a car a good idea? My dad wants me to take it so I can drive home every weekend which he seems to think I want to do, there is no way this is happening. I just don't think it's essential and I would have to pay for it. Do you know anyone who has taken their car with them or think it's a good idea?
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    I have been told that is is unnecessary to have a car as uni campuses don't want them on there anyway and most unis are a walking distances from town centres etc. Just tell him its not needed and take the train up once a month or so.
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    University towns usually have very good transport links, so unless you're disabled / have a job in an odd location / are in some tiny rural university, then there should be no need for one. Certainly - as I have a bike - I feel no need for one in my uni town, and the only reason I need a bike is that I have a tendency to go outside student areas at times when public transport isn't running.

    Tell your dad that there's no way that you will be able to afford a car on a student budget (most likely true), so he will have to fund it for you. I'm sure that will soon concentrate his mind.
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    Short answer: no

    Main reason is that most unis don't have a safe place for you to keep your car
    It's another thing to have to look after when you've already got a bunch of stuff to worry about
    People might judge you for having a car (silly I know but hey)

    Also you need to consider how much petrol would cost driving to and from home every week! Depends how far away you are but whoah petrol is certainly not cheap.


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