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My friends want to go camping...

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    (Original post by Robinson's_Crusade)
    Honestly, the latter - I really do hate camping. Alternatively, I could try and persuade them to go for a different holiday...

    No, it involved many things I don't like (such as this. )
    lol ok i was going to say it would be similar to that :P
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    Doesn't really compute. I love going camping and lying with my back to the surface of the planet with only a fraction of a mm of nylon between me and the stars (atmosphere doesn't count cos you can't see it

    But i guess if you don't want to go, don't go.
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    Hmm, if your going somewhere that is well known then that is okay, but outside toilet? It's probably going to be in a forest somewhere. What toilet? The outside is your toilet...

    That said, not sure if I could really enjoy myself camping, but it would be nice I guess with a few friends around a fire etc.
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    If you feel this strongly then maybe try and subtly offer alternatives for you and your friends to do.

    If they really want to go camping then put your worries aside and have a good time with your friends!
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    Take the monopoly!
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    man up and go camping. Also get a good tent and sleeping bag else you'll suffer needlessly! I highly recommend a goose down sleeping back. I have a terra nova tent but north face is good, avoid cheapie asda/argos tents. As for stove, avoid the ones with the built in lighter - they're a gimmick!

    any camping gear questions let me know - i love camping and have the full gear
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    I hate camping too - it always rains and we spend the whole week miserable and soggy.
    Perhaps try and persuade your friends to do something else. If they were planning on camping in the middle of some forest, try and persuade them to do to a good camping site with decent facilities - living without a shower or proper toilet for several days is unbearable.
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    Just don't go?
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    How about agreeing to camp but finding a more luxurious site, with proper toilets, hot showers etc? Get a good make of tent and for keeping warm at night i recommend getting a fleecy sleeping bag liner and using that as a sleeping bag then opening your sleeping bag out and using it as a duvet. And have the same number of layers beneath you as you do on top, if not more below.


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Updated: July 1, 2012
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