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No makeup is arrogant?

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    (Original post by im so academic)
    Oh really? Yes, an ugly women with a personality is better than a beautiful woman with a personality.
    You would be right if it was enough for someone to just have a personality.
    That is absurd seeing as everyone has 'a personality'.

    Everyone's personality is different, and what brings you to like them depends on whether their specific personality is to your liking.
    Same with looks really, which is why you can't just use a false dichotomy when it comes to things which are this subjective.

    E.g. You may know someone who is absolutely gorgeous and has a great personality, and someone who is not so good looking, but with a great personality too. However, their personalities would not be the same. Your deciding factor would then be based on which one you prefer (assuming you value personality more than physical beauty).
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    you couldnt make that article up...

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by im so academic)
    Oh really? Yes, an ugly women with a personality is better than a beautiful woman with a personality.
    You use 'ugly' like it has an absolute, quantitative value. Stop that :teehee:
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    This "journalist" is a disgrace.

    Utter slander. I could write better than her, and that's not a brag either, because I would make for an awful journalist.

    The Daily Mail infuriates me. This whole "femail" section is disgustingly sexist and damaging in its entirety.
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    I don't know if this is related - but I hate it when girls act superior to me because they don't wear make up and sort of rub it in my face to make me feel guilty.

    "Oh, you're wearing a new foundation? I don't wear foundation!!!"
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    I prefer to wear make-up and I like girls who wear it...who cares about being natural?
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    I wear make up coz of scars galore on my face.
    I'm working on fading it though

    Honestly, skin care is alot more fun to research and use than make up imo
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    (Original post by TwilightKnight)
    Damn you got in before me.Also I chuckled at this bit

    (Original post by DM)
    Liz Jones glammed up (left) and without any make-up (right)

    Like we didn't know...

    Also, this looks more like an oil painting as opposed to a photograph

    You can tell it's been photoshopped considering how different her neck and top part of her chest looks like, compared to the other image. Irony much?

    Someone remarked how she looks like the Mona Lisa. Frankly, I think that's an insult to Mona Lisa. Moaning Liz however...
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    She's just jealous that woman like Holly Willoughby still look attractive without the make-up; while she is unattractive with it and looks like a Lord of the Rings Orc without it.
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    (Original post by im so academic)
    If you're naturally physically ugly:

    *If you don't wear make-up, you look ugly (because you're not wearing anything).
    *If you do wear make-up, then you'll have men saying they prefer "natural beauty".

    But without make-up you look ugly. With make-up, they still don't like you because you're not natural.

    Ugly women can't win, can they?
    Ugly women are akin unarmed soldiers.

    And on topic, I don't mind make-up provided it is very subtle. Anything else, however, just looks awful. God only knows why girls wear it - and that fella doesn't even exist!
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    I rarely wear make-up. When I do it is very obvious because I love bright colours and having fun with it. But most of the time I'm too lazy. I have no delusions that I look 'perfect' enough to not wear make-up. I know I always look weird. It just takes time and it always manages to get everywhere. I'm not anti-feminist. I just don't think having a vagina = must wear make-up.
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    Yet another high quality and worthwhile article courtesy of the Daily Mail
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    Most of the time i just can't be arsed to wear make-up.... but i think make-up can look really cool, or be used to enhance natural features. What i don't like is when people wear so much of it, you can't actually see their face :P
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    I think that just like girls wear fashionable clothes to enhance their features, they wear makeup to enhance their facial features and I think it is a good thing. It is another way of showing that a girl cares about how she looks. To me I associate a girl that doesnt wear makeup as being someone that doesn't care about themselves and it usually goes with the hoody trainers type of girl. From my experience boys don't usually go for that.
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    She's obviously jealous.
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    I don't see anything wrong with makeup, yeah it isn't natural but it isn't anything bad. Everyone seems to think that a girl who wears makeup must be so insecure or lacks confidence, but don't think that actually, maybe the makeup helps her to have more confidence. I don't wear makeup very much except on some special occasions because it irritates my face but to be honest, I'm not bothered about going outside without makeup like some girls are.

    Nobody is betraying anyone by not wearing makeup, makeup has nothing to do with how good a feminist is, so I can't really take this writer very seriously at all to be honest.
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    "Despite Botox, a facelift, laser treatment for dark spots and thread veins, lash extensions and a brow tattoo"

    Shouldn't have bothered
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    I always thought wearing no makeup was being lazy...awks.
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    (Original post by littlebluedinosaur)
    I associate a girl that doesnt wear makeup as being someone that doesn't care about themselves and it usually goes with the hoody trainers type of girl. From my experience boys don't usually go for that.
    There are other, much more important ways to look after yourself that don't involve spending time applying make up in the morning when you could be having a nice lie-in.

    Also I think a LOT of teenage girls wear hoodies and trainers, and also wear make-up..!


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