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No makeup is arrogant?

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    (Original post by im so academic)
    For girls it's different. It really is subjective in terms of what girls want in men. It's not for men. What they want in girls is largely the same or similar.
    I have years of experience more than you. Just go with me on this one.

    To be honest, if you think that about my entire sex then you deserve to be single anyway. Excellent way to take away my individualism and cast me as a homogeneous group.

    You're hearing this from a guy, so there must be at least one decent guy out there.
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    (Original post by madders94)
    That's because Holly Willoughby looks beautiful without make-up. Liz Jones without make-up looks a bit like this -

    - and in Liz Jones Land, no woman is allowed to look prettier than her.
    I was going to say...
    No wonder she insists all women MUST wear makeup!
    Holly looks kind of cute without any make up, Liz jones looks like an Uraki or something :rolleyes:
    I love the way shes even got the bra out, in a **** attempt to bring something back to it. Good try Liz, but we're all thinking battle of helms deep here.
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    some people are better looking than others, fact.
    eventually, eveyone becomes old and 'ugly' (though I prefer someone with an interesting face)

    I'd much rather hang around an average looking girl who was a laugh and had something to say, than a teetering idiot who looks like X or Y out of OK magazine and judges EVERYTHING about herself and others on how they look.

    You put on a bit of makeup (just to highlight, not to plaster your face and try to be someone else) and if it's done properly, lots of people look better than completely natural.

    I think the problem is that looks now= worth/attractiveness/sexiness. Who gives a ****, what you ended up looking like is like the lottery, people shouldn't be held up like demi-gods JUST because they are good looking. Read a book, go for a walk, start a hobby, bake a cake, ENJOY YOUR LIFE. From the way she writes and what her priorities are, Liz Jones is obviously NOT a very happy woman; i.e persuing a life of 'improving' your own appearance and scrutinizing others will not bring you happiness.

    Feminists should strive to be themselves and should try not to feel intimidated by the beauty industry or the likes of harpies like Liz Jones. Wear whatever makeup you want, wear whatever clothes you want.

    This article/Liz Jones/ the nastiness of 'beauty' culture makes me want to throw up in a bucket with a piece of string in it, freeze it in a freezer, sling it around my head and smack Liz Jones about the face with it
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    (Original post by im so academic)
    In reply to your PM
    Look, take my reply for what it is. Someone who has been through the same sort of ****, thoughts and feeling of loneliness trying to get you out of the thoughts that just lead to a viscous cycle. I am not gonna pretend it is easy, and many people on TSR know how difficult it has been for me to become comfortable in my own skin. Yes, some people are jerks, and as a student i realise that a lot of people are still superficial, but in doing so i still realise how diverse tastes can be, afterall, not everyone wants chicken everyday. But there is no use beating yourself up about some dickwads, which, if anything are in the minority. If you walk through life as a cynical zombie of course you wont attract the right people, because the right people who appreciate beauty in all its forms, like myself will instantly be put off. Just treat people with the same level of respect that you are demanding from them. Obviously if you become a cynical zombie people wont respect you, they have no reason to; not all guys are the same, nor are all girls.

    And i will tell you what, if you think you have it bad then you would not have survived my teenage years. Through my teenage years i have been through a lot more **** then you would like to imagine, you may think you have it bad, but talk to someone with real problems and love life for what it is. The only meaning in life is the meaning you give to it, it is not about finding a partner, although it is beautiful to have someone to share your journey with. Finding a good partner takes time, and with good reason, if it were not something difficult we would not appreciate it nearly as much. I can sit here feeling sorry for myself and saying "nice guys finish last" or "girls only want what they cant have" as much as i want, but its not gonna do anything. You want to find a partner? Find yourself first, develop your hobbies, what do you like doing in your free time? Join groups, get yourself out there. Eventually, and with a little bit of effort, you will find someone.

    To be completely frank, i don't like you. You are an atrocious person and have a horrible sense of morality, in my opinion. But opinions are subjective, and i have extremely radical views myself. Why dont you go outside and live your life before developing such strong views. Views are based on experience, which you clearly have little of, and you will not gain anything from being a whine. Turn your computer off and seize the day.
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    I don't see anything wrong with using a little to enhance your own features. I don't particularly like the idea of caking myself in the stuff, but have no problem with people who choose to do so for whatever reason: tbh, I'm just lazy and don't take it off properly etc. so results in bad skin. But, people have been using make-up or things to add to their appearance for centuries, with fashions changing in the process, and I bet debates and opinions have fluctuated over the centuries too. I doubt this debate will leave us anytime soon. Tbh, I don't understand how make-up can be considered to be 'arrogant' - quite the opposite, surely, because people might be insecure about their own appearances? And surely the same can be said for certain types of clothes, even, or any fashion? As I say, this same debate has existed for a long, long time and I'm pretty sure it'll continue to.
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    I do detest that woman.
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    Another DM crapfest. That paper is the worst, unfortunately I can't stop reading it and laughing @ the articles. I don't feel human if I have read 5 Kardashian articles about what outfit Kim has "poured her curves into" and I positively get the shakes if I don't see any of the TOWIE clones..

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9100


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