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What to wear....

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    You have been selected to go onto the next stage of the interview process.
    We would like to invite you for a trial shift on Saturday 30th June, at
    Walkabout in Doncaster Town Centre.

    The trial shift will consist of a brief period of you showing us how your
    able to work in the entertainment environment and what qualities you can
    bring to the team.

    Items to bring with you: -
    · Passport or driving license
    · "Suitable attire for the nightclub environment and the weather"

    What the heck do I wear???
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    Well clothes would help
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    Go in beforehand, see what the staff wear and copy that? It's what I did when I worked in a club. Failing that, can't go wrong with black jeans and a dark t-shirt/vest top depending on the atmosphere (and weather?)
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    From experience in Walkabout (Used to be a semi regular in Doncaster), just a nice pair of jeans and a casual black top should do. They probably won't judge you badly for picking the wrong clothes, they'll be more interested in how you handle the job.

    Good Luck!
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    Something like a black skater dress comes in mind... with tights if it's cold.$hero$

    Best to check with manager or something though!


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