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How long had your parents been together when you were conceived?

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    Around 10 years. I think they met at the end of uni and I was born when my mum was 30 or so.

    My parents had the sense to a) enjoy their youths and go off doing all kinds of **** that a child would get in the way of and b) get themselves in a decent position financially so that they could support children as best as possible. (also, they had the sense not to go breeding like rabbits and limited it to two of us, yay vasectomies)
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    about 4 years and then 2 years later they broke up
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    5/6 years, I think and yes, they are still together.
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    My mum was 32 when she had me but she got married at 17 so 16/17 years.
    Edit: They are no longer together thankfully.
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    My oldest sister: less than a year xD
    Me: 5 years
    Other sister: 7
    Little brother 16

    Crazy right?
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    They'd only been together about 6 months when I was conceived and got married when my mum was 4 months pregnant. My parents split up 11 years ago.
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    About 9 years, I think, and they're still together now. They'd been married for about 7 by the time I was born.
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    About 4-6 years, they got divorced when I was 3 though
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    Before I was born 10 years. My dads first relationship. He was 22 bless him xxx they are still married, yes, 24 years married.

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    20 minutes... probably drunk.
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    They were together in 1986 and I was born in 1994 so 8 years and are still together now.
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    About 14 years (12 for my sister). They've been married for nearly 30 years
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    They'd been together for between 3 and 4 years, my mum was 36 or thereabouts and my dad was 38. It was a year and a half later for my brother. They married when I was 6 and divorced when I was 14. I think if I hadn't been conceived they wouldn't have been together that long but my mum had been told she couldn't have kids so I guess they weren't planning on becoming a family. I'm guessing having kids kind of trapped them together if anything because they both have strong views on family and appearances. I can't ever remember them being happy together and the years leading up to their divorce were exceedingly hostile.

    They both now have their own long term partners (6 years and 6 and a half years).


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