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How Early do you need to get to Imax for good seats?

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    Me and 8 of my friends have booked standard seats at the Imax in greenwhich for Dark Knight Rises on the day it comes out.We are going on the day it comes out which is on the last day of school for the 4 oclock showing. How early would we have to go to ensure we get decent seats and all sit next to each other? Thanks in advance
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    Well seen as it's on the day it comes out, I'd reckon a lot of other people would be getting there quite early too. I'd aim for around quarter past 3, deffo no later than half past.
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    I'd agree with the above post. Though the fact that it's at 4pm so people won't have finished work yet could be good. Still, better earlier than later!
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    ok will try to get there around 3. Is there anyone that has experience with this?
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    are you serious?
    Im watching at IMAX London or whatever, and tickets went live weeks ago, the site crashed and the seats filled up soooo quiclkly
    Oh and btw, John blake takes over as batman, Bane almost kills him


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Updated: July 11, 2012
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