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Any University drop-outs?

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    I was wondering if there are any university drop-outs on the forum? I'd be intrigued to hear your experiences and what you currently do?

    I dropped out of a RG university at the end of my first year in June 2011 after achieving straight-A grades at A-level.

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    Yes. A degree is much like having a swimming certificate. Just because you get one doesn't mean that you can swim better than someone who always swam in their spare time and never went for a certificate. It's a way of easily demonstrating to other people that you're if you're quiet, it's not being you don't know anything, and, if you're loud, it's not because you're merely a loudmouth.

    Some of the greatest musicians ever can't even read music, let alone ever got a degree in it. As long as you know your own talent, there is adventure in not being sent down a particular path. No cold hearted academic more concerned with topping up their tan than checking on the welfare of their students will change that.

    A degree may suggest some tenacity but it doesn't necessarily suggest inate talent.
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    Hello, I dropped out from university and the most difficult thing is the lack of a social life. I currently work as a barmaid on the minimum wage and enjoy my job, but I don't want to do this forever. I also don't want to blow £9000 just to get pissed for three years.

    May I ask the reasons why you dropped out of university? I know you can be successful without it and, as Picnic suggested, it can actually be an asset to some employers and show you have the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit that some post-graduates may be lacking. Good luck to you!
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    The uni was terrible, got into it via clearing.
    Very bad decision.
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    I dropped out of a bad course at uni and am now taking another one somewhere else, so pleased I did this as I think my job prospects will be so much better at the end. Plus I prefer my new subject a lot more.
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    I dropped out of university at the end of my second year as earlier in the year I had applied to do Adult Nursing at a completely different university all together. I was not enjoying the course any longer, and the location of the campus where I was studying at was in a really miserable, and overall just depressing.I found out half way through the year that I had gained an unconditional offer to do Adult Nursing so at this point I made no effort with my academic work from this point.


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Updated: July 1, 2012
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