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How do I get my money back???!

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    I have been working in this sales and marketing company for 2 weeks now. It is 100% commission. I know for sue that I have done atleast 4 sales. £8 for each. Anyway I am only 17 and still in school. I asked him if I can claim back my bus/train tickets becuase for this job we have to travel to diff areas to sell. My mum called him last week and asked if (ME) can claim back her bus money, he said yes! So I gave him my tickets, he said he will do it straight away, he hasn't. My mum even asked him when will (ME) get paid? He said Monday, which was last week. I have not been in this week as I have got school (more important than this ****ty job). Today I've tried calling him 5 times and he has not answered! I sent him 2 text telling him to call me back asap. I have been trying to call him for 2 days now. I went on reviews today on the internet and MANY people are saying that the company is a scam/fake. I want my money back, even if its just for the tickets! Should I go to the office tomorrow???? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I feel soo stupid for working there for 2 weeks! What was I thinking =\
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    This kind of sh.t happens. Learn from it and move on.


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Updated: June 30, 2012
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