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CBBC: Which show would you want brought back?

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    (Original post by brendonbackflip)
    Watch My Chops and Fairly Odd Parents! I think they were CBBC anyway.

    I'm probably being a bit nit-picky, but the reason the programmes have gone 'downhill' might be because you're not 8 anymore, and the shows aren't aimed at you, so you're clearly not going to enjoy it as much - not that the programmes have got worse.
    I kinda agree. Kinda makes me think of when middle aged adults complain that 'music nowadays isn't as good as it used to be'. (Although there may arguably be some truth in that *points towards Nicki Minaj*).
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    (Original post by tehforum)

    Short change?
    His name was Ortis. Though admittedly pronounced phonetically the way you're spelling it.

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    Round the twist? Have you ever, ever felt like this - when strange things happen, and you're going round a twist.
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    The Basil Brush Show!!!! (old version, not the crappy one)
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    (Original post by shorttstuff)
    Justine Littlewood?
    If it is her, I never liked her either
    (Original post by greenfly125)
    Yes! She was so *****y :fuhrer:
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    (Original post by misfits1994)
    Not at all. That comment was more aimed at the channel, not the programming. I'm sure the recent shows are just as entertaining for the intended age group but I feel as tough the channel's lost it's spark.

    For example, there were so much energy in the old CBBC studios. The numerous presenter's personalities bounced off each other and that came across on screen. From what I've seen recently, studio space is limited and there was only one presenter from what I have seen (I'm guessing there will be different ones for different days maybe?). Back in my era, when the channel was launched, there was so much going on, like interactive programming, a range of shows and atleast a dozen different presenter on the channel within a week. (Angellica Bell, Andrew-Hayden Smith, Jake Humphrey, Fearne Cotton, Adrian Dickson, Barney Harwood, Dick & Dom, Gemma Hunt, Sophie McDonnel etc...)
    It is different, but I'm always hesitant to say "it was better back then" because we don't know how we would have reacted to it at that age. From what I've seen, there's like a puppet dog co-presenting at the moment, used to be a catcus or something, which my cousins find really funny, and there's still lots of interactive things in like sending pictures and e-mails and whatever. I'm sure if the viewing count was dropping because of the channel change, CBBC might have reverted to how it used to be.

    Saying that, I barely remember what the channel was like when I was younger, although I remember a lot of names you mentioned. I guess different parts are important to different people.
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    (Original post by Mazzini)
    It most definitely went downhill after they left

    Welcome to TSR by the way
    It did My sister sometimes watches the new Blue Peter but she was only about 3 when Konnie left so she doesn't know any better :P

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    (Original post by Muffin Head)
    Kerching definately - there was a series about a boy clone (?), Bernard's watch (the original one) and JUNGLE RUN!
    Oh My Gosh!!!! I loved Jungle Run!!!!! I always wanted to go on that show (I wanted to go on Raven too) but I thought that you were really trapped in that big monkey's belly thing for ever if you didn't manage to get out quickly enough.
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    I know it isn't CBBC, but frankly the best kids tv show there ever was is SMTV:Live on ITV on Saturday mornings.
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    (Original post by misfits1994)
    My favourite childhood show!

    There were a couple of other shows I can't quite remember the names of. One about kids running a radio station and a sort of prank show where jokes were made on the general public. I think one of the channel's presenters were in it... Not 100% sure though.
    The one about the radio show was called UGetMe.

    I remember and loved most of the shows people have mentioned here (bar Jeopardy, because I never watched it, Dick and Dom and Basil Brush). Arthur and Tracy Beaker were the best though. I only really got into Grange Hill just before it ended (although my mum has got the original couple of series on DVD, which are good too), which is a shame, because I quite liked it. Beat the Boss was a more recent one which I enjoyed too.

    Does anyone else remember Nelly Nut? Never watched it because just the adverts made me cringe and feel sick...:rolleyes: But it hasn't been mentioned so thought I'd put it out there.

    I also remember some sort of talent show with adult contestants (they might have been teenagers actually, that would make more sense They seemed so old to me) but I can't remember anything about the show's concept at all. I just remember there was a blonde girl called Maddy and a black Scottish girl called Zara and there was a bit when they had to go across monkey bars. I'm determined to remember what this show was...
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    (Original post by InternetGangster)
    I kinda agree. Kinda makes me think of when middle aged adults complain that 'music nowadays isn't as good as it used to be'. (Although there may arguably be some truth in that *points towards Nicki Minaj*).

    Everything along the lines of "it was better before" really annoys me. This goes for music was better, teenagers weren't thugs, exams were harder, everyone was healthier, people were kinder, there was less technology etc. etc. etc. It's a mix of progression and nostaliga which makes opinions like these, people tend to forget there was something wrong with their generation when they were younger.

    Bit of a rant there, but yeah, it annoys me
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    Xchange, Smart, big kids, the Really Wild Show, 50/50,Smile, Get your own back :cool:
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    (Original post by foodnom)
    oh god this is really taking me back! Anyone remember stupid and the DEVIL FINGERRRR or YOUR FACE GRAHAM!

    Ace lightning
    stitch up
    the ghost hunter used to terrify me!

    those S Club 7 programmes were so cringy! the acting was terrible
    OMG I used to love that show :lol: I begged my mother to let me go on her computer so I could make one
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    Animals Of Farthing Wood, Mr Benn, Postman Pat (pre-helicopter era), Fireman Sam, Oakie Doke, Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, The Queen's Nose... :moon:
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    Round The Twist
    Mona The Vampire
    Watch My Chops
    Yvon of the Yukon
    The Queens Nose
    The Story of Tracy Beaker
    Big Kids
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    Ah this thread is making me so nostalgic!

    I used to love Raven, Tracy Beaker, Smile, Basil Brush (the earlier series) and Watch my Chops. There's probably more I used to regularly watch but these are the ones I remember.

    I hated that program 'stupid', it used to really annoy me, as did Dick and Dom, the shows like that really got on my nerves!
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    (Original post by PoGo HoPz)
    Watch My Chops! I used to love that show! :daydreaming:

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    Oh the nostalgia...

    Yvon of the Yukon
    The Crust
    Watch My Chops

    (not sure if this is CBBC)

    The cramp twins
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    CBBC was pretty ****e. Cartoon Network and Boomerang all the way!!

    Johnny Bravo, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Top Cat, Dexter's Lab, Ed Edd and Eddy, Angry Beavers, Woody the Woodpecker, Cramp Twins, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Thundercats, Taz the Tazmasian Devil, Captain Caveman, The Flinstones, Pink Panther etc.

    Why would you watch CBBC when all of these are on somewhere else?!?!
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    Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. Every weekend morning for so many years. It was my dream to be in the house, never did happen though.

    Watch my Chops. Loved the animation, and funny too!

    Kerching! Just amazing.

    The Crust. The goat was the highlight!!

    The story of Tracy Beaker - the one with Justine and the Blonde best friend (I've forgotten her name!!), Lol and bouncer. The final series before it got bad was the one with the Well'ards in it. Too good.

    The Queens Nose. It was funny and really underrated.

    Basil Brush, of course

    On CITV, the worst witch, also a good show! And My Parents Are Aliens. Brian and Sophie, when with the original kids, were amazing.

    Got really carried away there - just getting nostalgic.
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