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EU Bloc Future discussions

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    There has been discussion to form a European Parliament with 10-15 members based on PR and is responsible for EU Policy matters and day to day running etc. This means that the Bloc will change slightly if it goes ahead.

    Foreign Policy will be the responsibility of the EU Bloc and the Parliament would be responsible for: Annual EU budget, EU motions, EU law and non-binding foreign policy statements.

    This your personal opinion on this matter and other ideas you may have
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    Above is reflecting the EU Parliament and we would hope all these alliances of parties are represented in any TSR MEU Parliament. This means even if your anti-EU this is a place for you to stand up for national sovereignty and you would probably best belong to the EFD (Europe of Freedom and Democracy) wing. Which UKIP are a member of.

    This was discussed at a spin off meeting after the last MUN summit.

    The support list for this idea so far is:
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    I think an EU parliament would be a good idea in principle as long as it doesn't dilute the purpose of the main MUN.
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    (Original post by Birchington)
    I think an EU parliament would be a good idea in principle as long as it doesn't dilute the purpose of the main MUN.
    It would essentially be separate, as it would deal with internal EU issues (while the main MUN deals with foreign policy)
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    I'm in support of this proposal. It should bring progress from that of the current Bloc.
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    (Original post by Birchington)
    I think an EU parliament would be a good idea in principle as long as it doesn't dilute the purpose of the main MUN.
    The idea integrates the MUN, MHOC and a new MEU Parliament. The idea would develop the EU Bloc on the MUN and compliment it rather than dilute or replace its role - contrary it will make the EU Bloc more active and more significant and have a higher value and interest.

    The MEU has no say over foreign policy, it can only advise member states and propose ideas to the EU Bloc to vote on. There would be an MEU Rep like Toronto is for MHoC at current to bring those proposals the MEU push for. But they cannot become MEU policy until the EU Bloc nation state members vote 51% in favour of it. Other than that it can just propose stuff without a vote and heighten and focus debate amongst EU blocs, can be decided between the MUN and any future MEU Parliament.

    So can I put your name down as an endorser of this idea? It is due to go up on TSR MHoC to gather support also. It will replicate the MHoC but as an EU Parliament with EU politics and EU policies.


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Updated: July 1, 2012
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