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Q: How much board/lodgings do you pay?

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    Living with single mother, just started full time work and was going to pay her a quarter of monthly income, but she has been suggesting a third. Her argument is that this is more realistic in the real world BUT I personally think it's is a bit much seen as she doesn't have a mortgage or rent to pay; so this is solely going to pay for my contribution to food and bills (which definitely doesn't come to a third of my income).

    Given that I'm looking to get a car and move out in the future, paying more would probably mean staying at home longer (as it would take me longer to save).

    Anyway, how much do you pay?

    EDIT: When I was working part-time I used to pay about £30 a week (so near enough a quarter also). I do all my own washing, cook my meals etc as well as helping around the house (cleaning the house, gardening, chores) etc so I'm not a difficult lodger. ;p
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    That's a terrible argument to get you to pay more. If that's her argument then there should be no problem in giving you back the excess she takes from you at some future date. I think she can ask you to pay your way, but no more than that; seeking to profit off your own son is too excessive.
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    Depends how much you earn compared to her, what bills you have, how much you eat and how much you contribute to the house. I work out what my parents pay and try to contribute around 25% of it when I was working full time, and as soon as I get a job again I'll do that. I also payed 10% of my wages into a savings account which my mum had the card for so they knew i wasn't frittering it all on useless stuff.
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    I am amazed that some people actually want to profit off their children like that. Seriously, just move out if she's going to be that selfish.

    If her rent is £0, then you should be paying half of the bills and for your food. That's what I think is fair anyway.
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    I remember my mum suggested to pay her rent whilst I was at uni.... It suddenly became the easiest decision of my life to move out into student halls. She wanted all of my bursary and maintenance grant :O
    We've been talking about me paying rent when I move back in. Now she wants between £20-35 a week.

    I would seriously debate with your mum about rent as this is purely her profiting from you if she doesn't pay rent or mortgage. Maybe you could offer to pay some bills instead of rent? Maybe phone/tv/broadband and a small cash payment towards to electricity/gas. It'd defo work out alot cheaper than a third of your income.
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    You should pay for however much food you eat, plus half of the bills and subscriptions of anything you both use. Also half the council tax bill.
    Also you should take turns in buying toilet paper, and cleaning products, when they run out.

    This is what you would have to do if you were living with flat mates.
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    (Original post by RJ555)
    Anyway, how much do you pay?
    I will pay around £700 incl. bills ****ing London.
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    I always find these threads odd, I mean if I was living at home and had a job then I'd be more than happy to contribute to bills and rent, but if my parents responded to a reasonably generous offer by saying "no that's not enough, we want moar!" I'd be rather pissed off.
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    Pay her what she asks. her house. her rules. dont like it. leave
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    £30 a week currently and £15 a month to dad for stuff.


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Updated: July 10, 2012
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