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Interracial relationship vs Parents' thoughts

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    My parents wouldn't care
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    The media promotes interracial relationship and that's extremely wrong.Europe is white and it should be that way,everyone is welcome to come and live in europe IF he/she accepts the european rules.The goverments must take control of child birth in order to keep whites the majority in europe.
    This is exactly what equality means-
    More africans in Africa
    More Asians in Asia
    More WHITES in Europe.
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    I don't think my parents would care.
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    Why does it matter what colour the person's skin is? Isn't all that matters is that the two people love and care for each other?
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    I'm white female, my boyfriend is chinese. My parents and his parents are all fine with it
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    I'm an asian girl and to be honest I've never seen dating someone with a different background or colour as an issue, my mum is against boyfriends but she's not against marrying someone who is of a different colour or culture as long as they are the same religion. The thing thought with being asian is the older generation can be backwards about these things. I am lucky that my family are not too strict however I have never myself looked outside my own culture. I think that's many peoples downfall because they are too set in their ways :/
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    I'm oriental and I've been with different races. My parents both prefer me with an oriental guy because their English isn't so great and it'll be nice to be able to communicate effectively, but at the end of the day, it's merely a preference and wouldn't mind too much, especially being brought up in London with such diversity!

    I wouldn't limit my choices and would go for anyone if I like them but at the back of my mind I'd also love a relationship where my bf gets along well with my parents and can communicate with them.

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Updated: July 12, 2012
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