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    (Original post by Sparkz666)
    Personally I love it, and in terms of work, it works out about 2/3 theory, and 1/3 practical work for first year. Some of the practical work I did included writing and recording a radio drama, filming and editing a short documentary, and being part of a "live" news TV studio project. The TV Studio project you won't do until 2nd semester, but its alot of fun! You'l get to pick a role which ranges from cameraman, director, producer, sound mixer, and several others I was the host when we did it .

    In regards to it being difficult Maryjane, don't expect to fail anyway :P It's first year, they aren't looking to catch you out. But just like anything, if you don't turn up to lectures and put in the work, you aren't going to pass. As I said above, there is a fair amount of written work. Throughout the year I had a total of 8 essays. That's also excluding other assignments that had written work along with it. When it comes to essays though,you will have several questions to pick from, all of which will be covered in lecture topics. Unless its changed at all since when I started last year, your first 3 modules in semester one will be 2 media modules and a film module. All your modules for the year are mandatory, so you don't have to worry about picking from a list of optional ones when you enrol at the uni. Don't expect to actually be in classes much either. You will have a lecture and a seminar each week for each module, meaning you will only be in class for 9 hours a week! But there is a fair amount of work to do outside of class, so don't forget to manage your time well!
    Hey, I'm studying this at Coleraine this year and I was just wondering was days of the week were you in and what times?

    Thanks, Jamie Campbell


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Updated: August 23, 2013
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