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    is the reason the vote isn't going ahead really because you've had assurances -which is something you said have been given before and not acted upon- or is it really because you realise it would be 4 in favour and many more against?
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    (Original post by fleur de lis)
    Hi everyone

    Apologies for barging into your discussion but I wanted to address some of the concerns that have been raised here.

    I wanted specifically to comment upon the issue of summits and where they take place. I understand that these summits have in the past taken place off TSR. We would very much like to keep all discussions relating to the MUN on TSR, where all relevant TSR members can see and access them. There are many reasons for this, only one of which is activity and concerns relating to members moving away from TSR. We recongise that you are free to use other sites and we know that we cannot prevent you from doing so, neither would we wish to.

    What we would love to do is to provide a space where we can host summits on TSR. Thunder_chunky and paddy__power have both been working closely with me to investigate this option. I have been looking into it and I believe that it should be possible to set up a shoutbox channel which can be switched on and off for summits and other live debates and discussions. The next step is to run some tests to confirm, and then we can look to establish this for your use in future. Unfortunately my time has been rather limited as a result of the recent security breach and I haven't had a chance to look into this yet, but it's definitely on my list and as soon as we make any progress either myself or thunder_chunky will update you.

    I would like to take this opportunity though to appeal to you all for your cooperation. I understand that many of you are frustrated with the situation in the MUN (a situation which extends beyond the specific issue I am addressing here) but there have been some posts in this thread which are exceptionally disappointing. Please remember that it is a privilege to have the MUN forums on the site, and while we are keen to work with both the forum assistants and you guys to develop and improve the forum, we need you to work constructively with us. Attempts to 'go your own way' will only hinder the working relationship and the chances of progress and development. We need to work together to improve the MUN.

    I know that thunder_chunky is working hard to come up with ideas and escalate those raised by you guys, and we are listening and taking these into consideration. Please continue to raise ideas either via thunder_chunky or alternatively you are welcome to post a thread in Ask a Supermod detailing any ideas for the forum

    Thanks everyone :girl:
    I understand your concern about summits of TSR and welcome the development of a live shoutbox chat feature when we want to organise a debate - I think this will bring more activity to TSR at a given moment and will be key in developing the MUN and developing our social skills on here.
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    (Original post by Ethereal)
    is the reason the vote isn't going ahead really because you've had assurances -which is something you said have been given before and not acted upon- or is it really because you realise it would be 4 in favour and many more against?
    For me it's because it's achieved its aim. My aim was to use this either through it being passed or through assurances gained to improve the MUN. The assurances mean that it doesn't need to go to vote.
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    (Original post by PoGo HoPz)
    How is it thunder_chunky's fault if there's low levels of activity? It's solely the fault of UN members if they choose not to participate.
    I agree with this 100%. I'd also like to add that it doesnt help activity when you have people within the MUN who are trying to kick out the SG instead of doing their best to work with him.
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    But it seems I came into the party late :P


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