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Summer Job - Include uni on CV, or not?

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    I've been looking around and applying for jobs over the past couple of weeks with no luck, after ringing one company they said that I'm unsuitable because I can't work 12months a year, which they found out from my CV which stated that I'm currently at Uni.

    I was just wondering if people exclude the fact their at uni of there CV for summer jobs, a mean, you would think its a good thing but it seems to be causing me more hassle. Also, if you do take it off, what do you say you've been doing for the past year/two years whilst you've been at uni!

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    I've luckily never had to because I've worked places that are looking for students, but yes many people do.

    As for where you've been the last two years, either say you've been studying something like a college course and you've just finished, or find a friend or parents friend who works in some office or something, and say you've been part-timing and ask them to cover your arse so if they get a reference call they can go 'oh yes, he's been working here for 2 years part-time doing x,y and z. He's very good'. For retail jobs and such they don't often call your references anywho but make sure something is there. Friends have done this in the past.


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