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Do you think that there will be more riots or widespread 'Civil unrest' like last....

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    ...summer this summer?

    What do you think? Or have people been sufficiently deterred? Are the security measures (although for the Olympics) a good enough deterrence for civil unrest and a show of might? Would it only take a small spark to let off another bomb,so to speak? Were the occurrences of last summer unique and not in danger of being regular? Would this Libor mess present another opportunity of being used an excuse? Is the national financial situation worse than last year? Would the cutting off of EMA, limitations of housing benefits, fairly dismal job prospects and uni fees be an indirect catalyst?

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    Here is the so-called study "Reading the riots" where the police claim that cuts would not be wise and fear that there may be more riots :rolleyes: etc:

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    I think there is plenty of potential for riots as the types in question got a taste for it last year, but it is always unpredictable as it needs something to act as a catalyst.
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    No chance. The way they imprisoned so many people even for stealing a bottle of water or suggesting riotting in facebook would discourage the populace if similar opportunites were to arise again. The police will not also let it get out of control like they did last year.
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    God no, the majority people who actually care political matters and aspire to make something of themselves are smarter than that. For the most part the rioters were made up of idiots who think it's 'cool' to partake in gang culture and think acting like a mug and getting prison time is something to aspire too. Most of them wouldn't even know what a David Cameron is.
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    If it happens again this year, the police will do exactly as they did last year, which is stand and watch the chaos happening, then charge at them at some point so they run off elsewhere to continue wreaking havoc.
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    Possibly, but only if there is something to spark it off. It won't just happen spontaneously.
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    Well, my laptop is broken so I need a new one....

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    Doubt it, most people started the "riot" because they wanted some free stuff, and thought that there was safety in numbers. Now that they know they are wrong, and considering the amount of security there will be for the Olympics, they just wouldn't want to risk it. If it did happen, it would probably contained in small areas, no where near as widespread as last time.
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    not if they want to keep their benefits
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    Not unless the weather gets better. Rain keeps people moving with their heads down rather than forming crowds hanging around the streets waiting to start trouble.
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    The ****ing media reports are fueliing this to encourage riots
    its a moral panic created by the media
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    (Original post by sazzabazza)
    Well, my laptop is broken so I need a new one....

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    And I need some basmati rice :awesome:
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    Not on the same level, but I imagine people will try. Because it's once again in the media, some people will want to try and re-enact those riots by causing more trouble, but because chances are there'd be fewer people, it'd be easier for the police to handle (I hope), which should hopefully deter them from trying again for a while.
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    (Original post by Ra Ra Ra)
    And I need some basmati rice :awesome:
    Don't cat my style, son!
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    (Original post by sazzabazza)
    Don't cat my style, son!
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    (Original post by ArthurWinterthurII)
    Would this Libor mess present another opportunity of being used an excuse?
    lol I can just see some kid in a hoodie being interviewed during this year's riots...

    "So young man, why are you on the streets today stealing things?"

    "Well blud, its like, Barclays was like manipulating da interbank lending rate init, tryin to get demselves market advantage an ting, an we ain't standin for that blud, dis is our time now know what am sayin like, dey can't do nuffin about dis today, cos we're takin commodities for free and ting, also I got bare derivatives payin out on all da damage bein caused to dese shops now innit"


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Updated: July 3, 2012
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