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Sports Books That Would Never Sell

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    It's a popular thread on other forums so why not here? Anyway, mine aren't that good; add your own.

    "On Maintaining Proper Race Relations" by John Terry
    "Patience and Understanding: Ingredients to a Healthy Relationship" by Ched Evans
    "Dealing with Loss" by the Spanish national football team
    "Heimlich Maneuver in 3 Easy Steps" by the Proteas
    "The Beautiful Game" collaboratively by Stoke City FC, with foreword by Sam Allardyce
    "3 C's of Sports Journalism: Charisma, Canny, and Class" by Alan Shearer
    "Lebron Who?" by Brian Scalabrine
    "Courtside Conduct" by David Nalbandian
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    "what it takes to reach a final" by Andy Murray
    "how to keep a cool head" by John McEnroe
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    "The Art of Offensive Tennis" - Andrew Murray
    "How To Six Pool" - Greg Fields
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    'Etiquette for Gentlemen' by Joey Barton
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    "How to become champions?" - Current England national team.
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    "the art of effective management" by Steve Kean
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    Who reads sport books..
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    [anything] by Martin Keown
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    "Talking Childhood Obesity" - Gary Lineker
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    Nice thread :gthumb:

    Let bygones be bygones by David Haye, a foreward from Derek Chisora.
    Winning, by Tim Henman.
    How I made snooker sexy, by Stephen Hendry.
    Utilising your potential, by Francis Jeffers.
    The feminist within me, by Mike Tyson.
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    The Importance of Representing your Country, by Lennox Lewis, Greg Rusedski, Kevin Pieterson, Eion Morgan, et al

    The World Revolves Around Me and I'm Just Bloomin' Brilliant, by Paul Scholes

    Proper Pronunciation of the English Language, by Jamie Carragher
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    'The Economics and Ethics of Football' by Craig Whyte
    'The War on Drugs' by the Russian Olympic Committee
    'The Five-Year Plan for Success' by Arsene Wenger
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    'How to Shoot Free Throws' - Shaquille O'Neal
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    "The Importance of Eloquent Speech' by Mike Tyson

    "How To Behave After a Victory" by Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad

    "Defeating Roger Federer" by Andy Roddick
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    "Tax Returns made easy" by Harry Redknapp
    "Cornering Carefully" by Lewis Hamilton
    "The Wondrous Second Coming of the Messiah" by Kenny Dalglish
    "Sportsmanship and Fair Play in Football" by Cristiano Ronaldo
    "Boring" by Mario Balotelli
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    "The Key to Monogamy" by John Terry, coauthored by Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole
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    "Beginners guide on commentating" - Gary Neville

    "The Number 9" - Emile Heskey

    "How to tackle" - Paul Scholes

    "The art of catching" - Rob Green

    "How to avoid scoring ridiculous own goals" - Jamie Carragher

    "How to dive" - Tom Daley and MUFC
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    "The Art of Passing" - The England Football Team

    "How to have a safe firework display" - Mario Balotelli
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    "Anger Management" - John McEnroe

    Dog Fighting: Rules and Regulations - Michael Vick
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    (Original post by JD.27)
    'Etiquette for Gentlemen' by Joey Barton
    I would buy that! :lol:


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