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University of Greenwich - Learning Disability Interview

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    Hi all,

    just joined as i wanted to add a post about Learning Disibility nursing interview at university of Greenwich. I really struggled to find information on what to expect so thought i'd let you all know about my experience today.

    So firstly, i got there was greeted by the course convener. As i applied a little later there was only me and another candidate. We were shown up to a meeting room in the Mary Seacole building and were handed a candidate pack which basically had information about the university, the course and how each year's module selection works and also information on placements.

    Then we were given 25 mins for a maths test. This was very similar to the tests on moveon.org.uk (level 2) except it wasn't multiple choice, you had to write the answer in a box. It was very easy....if you have the required grade c in GCSE maths then you should do pretty well. They were testing your ability to read a simple graph, how to count measurements in a syringe, reading a train time table, adding decimals, subtracting decimals,basic fractions and simple multiplication and division.

    The Literacy test was nothing like the questions on moveon.org. We were given 45 mins to read and summarise a exert of writing. This was about alcohol. They had a page on the back of the exam which showed you how they were going to mark the paper. They test the readability of your handwriting, spelling, grammar and your ability to write simple sentences. It's actually not too bad so long as you're used to writing essays and not as scary as it sounds. you have to pass 60% in each test to get an interview.

    The interview for me was the toughest part. They give you the results of your literacy and numeracy test at the beginning. I was asked the following (I may have forgotten something through nerves!!):

    What do you think the role of a LD nurse is and why do you want to be an LD nurse?

    What is your definition of learning disabilities?

    why do you want to study at Greenwich?

    how will you make sure that you will be punctual to your placements?

    if you were to take a patient to a GP appointment how would you ensure the trip went as smoothly as possible?

    what do you think person centred care is?

    can you tell me about a current issue within LD nursing?

    She then asked me questions which she said were not used in the selection process but were required by law. They asked if I had a disability or dyslexia. If I had completed or attempted to complete a degree like this before and if i was eligible for NHS funding. I was then asked to disclose any previous criminal spent or unspent convictions.

    The thing that really threw me was they had my application in front of them. They will ask you about things from your personal statement. They saw that I had applied for mental health, LD and Adult nursing. They commented that they thought this was strange as most of my work experience lay in mental health and LD. I was shocked they asked me but I told them the truth that I applied late and was worried i wouldn't get a place on MH or LD so thought I would go with Adult and swap through the year. Cheeky I know but was honest and said I had 5 places to chose from.

    So the interview lasted about half an hour. The course convener herself was lovely and relaxing but the other person was quite stern and formal. I'd read loads about them making you feel relaxed but I didn't feel very relaxed at all but then I guess if you want to be a nurse then you have to work well under pressure

    I hope the above has helped any hopeful LD nurses.


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