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Uclan odp interview

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    Iv got an interview at uclan next week for the odp degree. Is there anyone who can give me a bit of advice, what kind of questions are asked, whats the grammer and dexterity test like?
    Im very nervous any advice, info will be greatly recieved!!

    :yes: suzy

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    heyy i have an interview on the 10th, i am actually dreading it. im on a few threads asking around, im all prepped up, ive been told by the course leader that its not an interview, just an informal chat, so it should be ok. ill get back to you if i hear anything dont worry ul be fine x
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    Well an informal chat sounds ok, im bit concerned about dexterity test and grammer test though??
    Oh no.its only a week away too!
    Iv ordered some books to do a bit of research!!

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    the literacy test is just to see how you can answer questions on a given topic by them. it shant be too bad dont worry. the dexterity test is to put together a laryngoscope. as far as ive read on the student room anyway. dont hold my word for it though i may be wrong. whens your interview?
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    Hi, my interview is on 10th july, next tuesday!! So the literacy test isnt something we need to research before hand? I hope its not gonna be a question about something I havent read about?

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    omygosh were on the same day! hope to see you there! and well my interview letter did say it will be a topic of their own choice and its nto to see how good our grammar is, just to see how well we can answer questions. how literate you are really. im mrore worried about the interview itself if you ask me! good luck and see you there!x
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    suzy what time is ur interview? im wondering if everyone has different times.. im at 9:30am.


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Updated: July 9, 2012
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