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Birthday present ideas for Mum!

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    My Mum's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get her! She's in her mid 50s so it has to be age appropriate. Last year I made her a photo album full of pictures of her and I, so I don't want to do anything similar to that this year, but I still want it to be special. My budget is around £20. Any help appreciated! x
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    It depends what her interests are... I'd suggest a nice, fancy bunch of flowers that includes her favourite kinds (if that's the sort of thing she likes of course). Can't go wrong with flowers :P

    I'm pretty poor at coming up with imaginative birthday present ideas.

    If there's some specific (cheap-ish) interest you're both interested in and might have fun doing together, then it might be nice to use the money to do that hobby...
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    I got mum a nail polishing and eye brow wax at the local beautician and did the usual breakfast in bed & birthday cake stuff
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    taking her to one of these cosmetic department stores for a transformation, but i'm not sure how much will it cost to be honest
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    Take her out to lunch and buy her a (small) bouquet of flowers?
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    a frame of you two in?
    take her out for a meal?


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Updated: July 6, 2012
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