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Strong a levels ? Well regarded ??

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    (Original post by Tortious)
    No it doesn't. Now please stop posting drivel.
    Dude he's right why would they accept dance or drama as a suitable a level?
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    (Original post by Wa 007)
    Dude he's right why would they accept dance or drama as a suitable a level?
    My point was that the Trinity blacklist doesn't describe any subjects as "unacceptable" - even the worst are listed as "only suitable as a fourth option".
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    (Original post by CharliePhillips)
    Okay so top universities (Normally only the likes of Oxbridge, LSE etc) generally have listed subjects for A level on which are most practical for an academic standard. All of the A level subjects are split into Soft, Medium and Hard subjects or A,B and C with A being split into A1 and A2, So the different groups are A1, A2, B and C,

    The A's are ones that are 'preferred' by Uni's (hard), The B's are ones that aren't great to have but will still be accepted (medium), The C's are the ones you want to avoid, these are regarded as next to 'useless' (I use this word with much emphasis) A levels to have (soft). Here's the official List...

    LIST A1
    Generally Suitable Science A-levels
    Further Mathematics

    LIST A2
    Generally Suitable Arts A-levels
    Art History
    Classical Civilisation
    English Literature
    Religious Studies

    LIST B - Try to avoid these
    Archaeology (Arch & Anth)
    Art & Design (Architecture/History of Art)
    Business Studies (Economics)
    Design & Technology (Architecture)
    Drama/Theatre Studies (Arts)
    Electronics (Engineering)
    English Language (Arts)
    Film Studies (Arts)
    Government & Politics (Arts)
    Law (Law)
    Media Studies (Arts)
    Psychology (Arts)
    Sociology (Arts)

    LIST C AVOID at all costs - Unsuitable A-levels
    Communication Studies
    Critical Thinking
    General Studies
    Health & Social Care
    Home Economics
    Leisure Studies
    Music Technology
    Performance Studies
    Performing Arts
    Physical Education
    Sports Studies
    Travel & Tourism

    Now as you can see all your original subjects are in group 'A' however you are changing Maths to Politics which is in group 'B', University's sometimes say however, that it is okay to have ONLY 1 'medium' subject as long as the others are 'hard' subjects. Also the fact that Politics will go with History will be helpful.

    In regards to university's if you were ever going to apply to Oxford you could do a subject call PPE.. Philosophy, Politics and Economics. If you are intersted in Politics this would be a great subject for you as it doesn't require any subjects by law but says a helpful subject is History which you have, Also having politics and economics may put you at some advantage. Also this course does not require mathematics but only says it would be useful but with just history you should be okay. However it will require AAA at A-level and I'm not sure on your A level capabilities...

    In regards to Maths for economics courses, I'm afraid any top uni for economics does require a mathematics A-level, So if your are passionate about doing economics at a top university for economics or on a general academic standard Mathematics is essential, With top uni's asking for an A minimum and lower ones asking for a B minimum.

    I hope this has helped you and aid your decisions! And please do not take my word for law but I believe I acquire a considerable amount of reliable advice.

    EDIT: Oh and also btw Warwick University does require an A* in Maths GCSE for economics,politics and international studies if you don't take it at A-level, or have it as an As level (though I'm not sure on that last bit)

    Also to clear things up St Andrews and Nottingham are rated 8th and 9th in the UK univeristy tables for economics However I am unsure if they require an A in maths, I would of thought they do though I am not sure..
    PPE, DEFINITELY sounds like something I will be interested in, I went onto the PPE, oxford website, and checked it out, and I sounds like the perfect course for me !
    and doesnt require maths which is obviously a bonus for me
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    (Original post by lovetosmile)
    So I've just finished my gcse's and have applied to a couple of sixth forms/colleges and I want to know whether the subjects I've picked are well regarded and strong subjects, I've picked:

    English literature
    I originally picked maths but then swapped it for politics because I don't think I've done well enough in my last exam.....

    Also I've contacted most of mysixth forms and asked to redo maths gcse because i would really like an A overall.

    What do we think about them !???
    I'm really confused and scared because I dont want to make the wrong decision and have to go through 2years of pain....

    Thank you !!

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    I would stick with those subjects. Maths is slightly more well regarded than politics, however if you will struggle to get an A at GCSE, it's probably better not to do it and get a much better grade in politics.
    Otherwise, they are all well-regarded subjects especially for a humanties-based degree.
    This pdf publised by the Russell Group of top unis, might help you, especially with regard to the best subjects for particular degree courses
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    Although it is important to have strong a-levels its more crucial that you get good grades. For universities that ask for AAA, because of the competition for places, it would probably give you an advantage if you aimed at getting over 90% UMS in your exams as this would give you A* predictions.


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