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Sexy Celeb Voices

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    Definitely Ben Barnes!! He got such a deep male husky voice When he was playing as 'Prince Caspian' in the movie 'The Chronicles of Narnia', I think his voice sounded okay. But when I listened to him speaking on interviews, I realised his voice sounded really deep and strong which surprised me greatly. But I'm not complaining either:excited:

    And I found his British accent in the Narnia movie so sexy:drool: Hell his voice is just so sexy and I always get the tingles whenever I hear him speaking
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    (Original post by L.O.V.E)
    Benedict Cumberbatch! He could probably say the alphabet and I would still find it sexy.

    I respect him more now for his voice i never really listened before tbh
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    Ugh Alan Rickman's voice literally dissolves my pants :L

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    (Original post by battycatlady)
    Alan Rickman. Let's face it, he might be 60+, but he has the sexiest voice ever <3

    Don't know the actor's name, but whoever plays Carson the butler in Downton Abbey has a gorgeous voice, despite being old :P
    Alan Rickman is class ! Perfect man to play snape

    Yeah carson has a good voice!
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    Richard Madden. It's the Scottish accent and his damning good looks.
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    (Original post by alexmagpie)
    Liam Neeson.

    brb changing my underwear.
    Made me smile. I love Liam Neeson's movies!
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    (Original post by sparkysarmy)
    I'm straighter than a pencil but Liam Neeson has an amazing voice which i'd love to use for an day.

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    (Original post by The_River)
    I totally agree with you! Tom Hardy is sexy, I just watched Tinker Tailor Solider Spy his voice was delicious !

    I like Cillian Murphy aswell Liam Neeson too lovely voices. I need to look at irish actors more ... I feel like editing that list.
    Yes I love his voice, and Liam Neeson, in general Irish accents I find are sexy :sexface:
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    TOM HIDDLESTON. (The thoughts I have when I hear his voice... :sexface:)
    Michael Fassbender (even when he's not using his actual Irish accent, it's still sexy as ****)
    Robert Sheehan
    Aidan Turner
    Colin Farrell
    Damien Molony (it's an Irish thing)
    Andrew Gower. Can't even explain why, I just love him.
    Mark Strong (Yeah, slightly odd, but :love:)
    Jude Law :coma:
    Denzel Washington
    David Thewlis
    Kenneth Branagh
    James McAvoy
    Matthew McFayden
    Hugh Laurie
    David Tennant
    John Simm
    Hugh Dancy
    Cary Elwes
    Jeremy Irons
    Chris Hemsworth
    Greg Wise
    Robert Downey Junior
    Jason Isaacs
    Christopher Plummer (Captain von Trapp :coma:)

    *faints against wall*

    Rest assured, this list will probably grow. A lot. Along with a huge spoiler full of the aforementioned sexy voices.

    As promised. Ladies, please refrain from throwing your underwear.

    0.40. If you faint, I take no responsibility.

    The rest will follow in due course. :lol:
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    Douglas Booth!!
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    ian mckellen
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    Beyoncé - even her London 'accent' isn't too bad actually haha.
    Marcia Cross
    Eva Longoria
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    (Original post by The_River)
    Tom Hiddleston ( major attraction ) - listen to the red necklace audiobook!
    Oh God yes. His voice is so beautiful.

    Also Daisy Lowe sounds like Joanna Lumley with a hint of smokiness. :sexface:
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    (Original post by Em_Huong)
    Richard Madden. It's the Scottish accent and his damning good looks.

    EDIT: OMG he's beautiful!! :drool:
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    Definitely Ed Westwick and Ryan Gosling (to be fair, I find everything he does attractive!) for me :love:
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)

    EDIT: OMG he's beautiful!! :drool:

    He sure is :sexface: lol
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    James and Dave Franco anyone?
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    Voice alone: Morgan Freeman
    Voice&looks: Gerard Butler
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    (Original post by Whitechapel)
    I'm straight but I can't deny Tom Hardy has a sexy voice. Or Cillian Murphy
    Tom Hardy
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    lee nelsons well good show, QUALITY


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