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Sexy Celeb Voices

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    Zoe Salmon.
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    Leela from futurama
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    (Original post by RyanT)
    Leela from futurama
    That's Katey Sagal ! she is one of my favourite actresses ! this is her singing
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    Will Arnett and Aaron Paul :sexface:

    Also the obvious one, Alan Rickman.
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    (Original post by DeadGirlsDance)
    They're my two of my favourite films! I didn't really like him in Twilight, he didn't really like the part either though :laugh:. I like him the best in Remember Me because he seemed like a really normal (but hot) guy, it's so sad that he dies though :cry2:.

    He'll definitely be married by then, but he'll still look amazing in 10 years :ahee:.

    He's in Magic Mike as well now , I can't wait to watch it :laugh:. I think if he got the lead role in 50 Shades of Grey he'll be in loads of similar films afterwards.
    I like those two films very much haha yeah i guess he didnt lol i only like to watch the first one because of the director really. oh yeah its terrible i had a terrible sinking feeling before it happened then like 3 or 4 mins before he died i was like OMG 911 :O some of my friends didnt get it until after it happened. i guess i watched the film closely thats all. heart wrenching moment but a beautiful film

    I know ive been following magic mike very closely on the internet. I cant wait to see it its coming out next week same day as my driving test. i might celebrate by watching that if i pass it. well whoever does end up marrying him they will be very lucky. i love his tattoos aswell.

    well i think he has a pretty good career so far he is doing different things. i dont want to see him typecast though i know what you mean. i want to see different characters from him not the same on paper.
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    Mr Nicolas Cage :cool:
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    (Original post by OddThings)
    Many have been mentioned that I like,but in no particular order: Liam Neeson,Gary Oldman,Heath Ledger,Matthias Schweighoefer,Till Schweiger,David Tennant,James McAvoy,Alan Rickman,Oliver Neill,and strangely Robert Carlyle.
    I love me some Til Schweiger too nice list !

    haha Robert Carlyle in trainspotting is hilarious.
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    i really like renee zellweger's voice (sorry don't know how to spell her name :P)
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    (Original post by jayjamine)
    Mr Nicolas Cage :cool:
    ohh i agree

    I only like his old movies now really. I'm afraid to say i dont respect him as a actor anymore for his film choices in the past few years.
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    (Original post by Alleykat606)
    i really like renee zellweger's voice (sorry don't know how to spell her name :P)
    Me too i love her British accent in Bridget Jones than her american one lol
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    Whenever I hear Chris Evans on the radio I think he has a sexy voice
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    No one has a voice like Liam Neeson, yummm.

    'I will look for you, I will find you--' PLEASE DO!
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    (Original post by aspirinpharmacist)
    Likewise. I was heartbroken. He pretty much makes me cry in every role I've seen him in, actually. I had to stop myself shouting at the screen in the cinema. :lol: Haha, that's why I bought Thor as well! Every time I watch it I'm caught between wanting to give Loki a hug and just kind of throwing myself at him. :lol: They really do. It's a fact.

    Right, I'm definitely watching that.

    This honestly made me laugh out loud. But I have to agree. So do I. Next on my list is Midnight in Paris (guess who's in it? ) It's rather sad but I need something to occupy me in a long, uneventful summer. Yeah, the Hollow Crown's pretty awesome. It's on BBC 2 this Saturday, you get the joy of Jeremy Irons and the lovely Hiddleston.

    That's exactly why I want to see it. Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender were the reason I went to see Prometheus really. It's a really good film but I think it had been overhyped so lots of people were disappointed. He was great as David though. No, I haven't, I'll have to look that one up.

    No, I missed it! I wanted to see it though. Oh, definitely. He has a fantastic voice. My sister always watches the Wedding Date and I just end up standing there listening to his voice. And Jack Davenport, come to think of it. :love:

    I've never seen Rocknrolla, definitely going to watch it now! Idris Elba is brilliant. So's Gerard Butler, especially in Phantom. I cried (there's a surprise). I didn't know he was in Green Lantern...didn't fancy seeing it that much, guess I'll have to. It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am very, very shallow. That's exactly what it's like. The first Sherlock Holmes film is brilliant, with him, RDJ and Jude Law. Voice heaven.

    Love Jeremy Renner. Hawkeye was a lad. I imagine he will, yeah. I only saw Greg Kinnear in that one episode of friends, don't really have an opinion on him to be honest. :lol:

    I had my sister watching Northanger Abbey the other day, think she's got a bit of a crush on JJ. :lol: And Tom Hiddleston, actually. She denies it, but I know she's lying.

    :coma::coma::coma::coma::coma: That voice :sexface:
    I swear i was the only one giggling at stuff loki said in avengers everyone else was pure dry and kept their mouths shut. I seen this great picture today i couldnt stop laughing

    Yeah I have Midnight in Paris already i seen it, i find it sad too. I think whatever tom's character is whether they are the bad guy or a good guy i mean i could be over the moon with happiness watching his little expressions on screen or if something bad happened like in war horse im just crushed like literally i drop from the moon onto a very hard floor. He is addictive to watch. Its kind of like watching lion king, remember me, armageddon, the notebook, time travellers wife, gladiator all at once for me if his character is hurt The red necklace audiobook the way he used his voice i was totally moved by him.

    i have the Hollow Crown's set to record. im just wondering is it starting on saturday ? i dont want to miss any of it

    You know that song by lana del rey - off to the races ?
    well she takes a line from a film called lolita. jeremy irons is in it and the way he says " light of my life fire of my loins " its so good ... drool ! the first time i heard that song i was like ohhhhh then i had to watch the movie again lol i think his son is attractive but he sadly doesnt have a voice anywhere near as good.

    what about russel crowe ? i love his speech in gladiator
    Well strong doesnt get alot of screentime in green lantern to be fair and he is red. i liked the film i didnt watch it until very recently because i didnt think it was worth it. i was wrong.

    i have cold mountain and enemy at the gates on dvd i feel like having a jude law night he is great. I liked Renner in the hurt locker

    I have a thing for Kevin Spacey ! maybe its cause ive seen american beauty too man times but i love his voice. i think GK is in the last song and loser with mena suvari

    haha i think everyone has a crush on tom hiddleston or they should ! i cant wait to watch every film he does i dont know if im more of a loki fan or a tom fan at this stage. i just want to watch every film he does over and over again he is amazing !!!
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    (Original post by The_River)
    ohh i agree

    I only like his old movies now really. I'm afraid to say i dont respect him as a actor anymore for his film choices in the past few years.
    He is sexy!! My respect for him completely dropped today as I saw him on a bloody tissue advert on TV :eek3: disappointing!
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    (Original post by Whitechapel)
    I'm straight but I can't deny Tom Hardy has a sexy voice. Or Cillian Murphy
    guy has one of the most confused/varied accents. He goes from RP to an urban street accent in the same interview.
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    nicki minaj doing an english accent with jay sean was kinda hot.
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    scarlett johanson - kinda husky - helps that she is hot
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    As far as my girl crush lists go, Noomi Rapace, Karen Gillan and Emily Blunt all have beautiful voices. :lol:
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    (Original post by jayjamine)
    He is sexy!! My respect for him completely dropped today as I saw him on a bloody tissue advert on TV :eek3: disappointing!
    Oh i havnt seen that dont know if i want to . I watched the wickerman and ghost rider... it pretty much ended there.
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    (Original post by The_River)
    I love me some Til Schweiger too nice list !

    haha Robert Carlyle in trainspotting is hilarious.
    Why thank you,I have an excellent taste in..voices? if I say so myself. yeah I agree,I really don't understand what I like about his voice,there is just that..something.


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