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MSc Computer Science - Cannot Decide, Please Help!

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    Hi guys,

    I have unconditional offers from Edinburgh, KCL, Surrey, Nottingham, Southampton and York.

    The programs are either MSc Advanced Computer Science or MSc Advanced Software Engineering.

    I cannot decide which school to choose and I need to decide until the end of this week. Can you please help me to decide? How are the schools in terms of global reputition and the quality of CS program?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Anyone? :confused:
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    Hi ssc1989,

    First Congratulations with your unconditional offers!

    To be honest, I am not sure if I am a right person you are looking for here but decide to share my own thoughts anyway.

    Actually I'm an international student pursuing masters degree in CS this year and I am likely in the similar position as yours (that's the reason why I respond after occasional look at your question while searching something that bother me)

    I have unconditional offers from Edinburgh, Southampton, Bristol, Manchester, UCL.

    Based on my own investigation (international rankings, league tables, readings of this forum and serfing of the universities websites), I can conlude the following:

    1. In terms of global reputation among these listed by you:
    Southampton, KCL, York
    the rest

    2. In particular for computer science, I've found that Edinburgh and Southampton seem to have good facilites for study. Edinburgh is internationally recognised for Artificial Intelligence (the route I've actually chosen) while Southampton CS department is known as one of the best in UK. York is noticed as fairly strong, too.

    3. KCL is also good one, I believe, but think about living in London - much more expensive than others indeed. However, there are probably more opportunities to get the job after your degree completion immediately (mb the point if money is not an issue for you and you are not going to undertake PhD studies later on)

    4. Unfortunately cannot say something about the rest from your list.

    NOTE: All my points are based on internet only, and probably the best way to visit the universities and find out what they offer by your own eyes (but it's not for you and me as well ).

    Hope all this helps.

    Best wishes,


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