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URGENT! Is it bad to take three social sciences? Decision must be made tomorrow!

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    Okay, so I know I made a thread regarding A Level options a while back, but my mind's changed a bit since then and I have to make a final decision TOMORROW!
    At the moment, I want to take either English Lit or Lang/Lit. I prefer the Language side but am worried that the course includes 'easy' things such as analysing a crisp packet (AQA).
    As well as this, I want to take Law. I know it's considered 'soft', but I did a taster lesson yesterday and loved it! I adored Sociology at GCSE and always liked the look of Psychology; however, is it a bad thing to take three SS's for a girl looking at going into teaching?

    My GCSE options were:
    German (probably won't get the A required)
    History (good at it but don't really enjoy learning about wars)
    BTEC Performing Arts (Bleurgh)

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Chlo x
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    If you're looking at going into teaching, then go for what you enjoy. English Lit/Language (I would go for which you prefer, which appears to be language. You do better in things you prefer), Sociology, Physcogy and Law, are perfectly good A Levels to go into teaching. Which subject do you want to teach?
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    I take sociology, law and psychology. If you are considering going to uni, I would check first for the entry requirements. I made the mistake of assuming forensic studies would be okay, but I should've taken 2 science alevels.
    I loved sociology at GCSE too, but I must admit, im not enjoying it as much at a level, you learn more about the sociologists and theory rather than modules like crime, the family etc.

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    I took English Lang, Psychology and Sociology and they're all really good!! Law would go well with these too and the lang will really help you with your essays. Also Sociology and Psych tend to interlink quite a bit especially research methods. So all in all those are pretty good choices
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    With regards to English Literature vs Language/Literature, the pure Literature A Level is seen as more respectable by the top universities. The A Levels you've taken go well together and, although higher ranked universities may have problems, I wouldn't foresee any immediate problems with those for going into teaching.
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    Thank you very much, everybody. I'm looking at teaching either English or Sociology. I've just been told so many times that my combination is too soft. I considered Politics or History to kind of boost me back up again...


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Updated: July 3, 2012
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