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Landlady being a bitch.

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    (Original post by Dinnes)
    Yeah just be honest and polite with her, say you weren't the only person living there and explain that you couldn't leave the house with the latch done up.

    That should clear stuff up, I doubt she wants to waste your time for her own pleasure

    All the best
    Thanks !
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    If she does claim say £80 for a lock smith. Ask for the evidence.

    Even then she wasted her money illegally entering so if she did then contact the police
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    When you shut the door behind you after you last left, did you turn the key in the front door?
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    (Original post by Dirac Delta Function)
    When you shut the door behind you after you last left, did you turn the key in the front door?
    Nope I never did.
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    (Original post by GPH92)
    I know, i'm going to give her a call tomorrow and let her know, but i want to make sure im not being stupid about her not being able to get in the house at all.
    On the plus side at least you are only dealing with her.

    Going to go into a story of my final year shared house. Three other people and they were all nice. They had lived there a year before I moved in and I ended that year with them all hating me.

    Basically the house had issues:

    - with the boiler
    - Mice
    - Damp and slugs!

    They had lived with the issues for a year only putting a few traps down for mice.

    When I moved in I bought 9KG of salt from Asda and salted the downstairs floor. This action removed the slug problem for about 7 months and then I did it again. One of the entertaining moments was when the landlord came round to fix something in the flat he asked if it was carpet cleaner so I just said yes and he looked very happy at how clean we were keeping the flat.

    During the winter (2 weeks of snow) the boiler exploded one morning and the landlord blamed me for the problem as I was the one who reported previous problems.... My house mates were told the replacement would come out of only my deposit so they all agreed. When I found out about what had happened I just smiled at them and said

    "well no I wont pay for it, but we can deal through a deposit scheme and if you don't argue against the landlord I will claim group responsibility and we will all pay."

    Well as you can imagine they hated me for this but they stood up to the landlord and backed my argument that the damage was reported.

    After a few more months of the back garden walls crumbling and the shower rail falling out the celling... I went to the local council without them as they refused to make a fuss. I got the health and safety checked and there was a long list of problems from fire safety to the door locks used. Now they hated me for creating a fuss and upsetting the landlord. I did not care at this point I was spending everyday in the library so I did not need to see them.

    In the end because I stood up to him as soon as he threatened deductions to the deposit. I just threatened going through the deposit scheme which he then went "what deposit scheme" and at that point I told him he was breaking the law and got the council to short it out. Thanks to my actions we got the complete deposit back, but at the cost of not remaining friends with my house mates, but they would have stupidly accepted any deductions + the awful conditions.

    my current accommodation is much better, but the landlord is just as bad.
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    If the deposit is not entered into an approved deposit scheme, you can claim back 3x the value of the deposit from the landlord.
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    Hey guys, i called her today and she said it all sorted out and she isnt charging me...
    Thanks for all your help though and i plan on remembering this for my next place.

    (Original post by marcusfox)
    If the deposit is not entered into an approved deposit scheme, you can claim back 3x the value of the deposit from the landlord.
    wow thats good knowledge to have, thanks x
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    (Original post by GPH92)
    Hey guys, i called her today and she said it all sorted out and she isnt charging me...
    Thanks for all your help though and i plan on remembering this for my next place.

    wow thats good knowledge to have, thanks x
    Better than some responses I have had on here after giving advice that is easily checkable via Google - bald statements such as 'you're wrong' etc

    Whenever you move into a new place, go through the inventory the landlord has provided with a fine tooth comb, if there is even the slightest mark on something, write 'damaged' or 'dirty' as appropriate. Get the landlord to sign it or if they refuse, get a third party to witness that you have given the landlord the inventory of the condition you both agree the flat and contents are in.

    Then if the landlord has a problem with the condition of something at the end, you can point them to that. If they have a problem with what you write on the inventory, you can refer them to the mark. Then they will be aware of it, know you are aware of it and less likely to try it on, so to speak, when you move out.

    All correspondence with the landlord regarding any issues to be by e-mail or letter if possible, so that you have copies of this as evidence if required at a later date.

    When you move in, get a newspaper and take detailed pictures of the flat with the newspaper in it to record the condition of everything. While it doesn't prove that the paper wasn't saved to take the pictures at a later date, it is unlikely that an arbitration tribunal (if it is necessary) would find this.

    Likewise for when you move out (and you can use the pics you've already taken to match condition in case you need to deal with any marks or damage you have caused), in this case, a dated newspaper will show that the pictures could not have been taken before this date.

    Usually when the **** hits the fan about deposits and such like, you have already moved out and have no proof to defend yourself against spurious deductions and accusations of damage caused that 'wasn't there when you moved out'.


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Updated: July 4, 2012
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