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    Hello everyone! To start off, let's state the obvious: I'm new from here; I am a 19 years old Italian student, you can freely call me Alkamar, who is probably coming to England by the start of your academic year.

    I have to say that somehow I managed to obtain an unconditional offer from Manchester University, as I have previously applied to their law course; in this way I thought I could fulfil my ambition of becoming a corporate lawyer within an international background. At a first glance, it appeared to be one of my greatest but reasonable, ambitions.

    Too bad, though, that i don't know anyone from Manchester yet, lmfao, I shall say that I was honestly hoping to find somebody on this forum who was going to study at Manchester as well! Ya' know, making new friends while introducing myself on this forum didn't seem a bad idea either.

    Greetings from Italy people!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Sup Illusionary! Thank you for your welcome bro

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    Hi Alkamar! Welcome to TSR and good luck on your Manchester application

    Oh and feel free to check out the Manchester forums!

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    Hey thank you buddy! I must say that the way this website is organised really amaze me :P Even though I've applied well after the common application deadline, the admission officers decided to offer me a place for their law course regardless the delay at submitting my app. The only thing that I haven't settled yet is the accomodation, but I guess that i'll start worrying about that once I accept their offer; a matter of a couple of days =D


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Updated: July 4, 2012
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