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Development studies: How 2nd year grades affect the master application?

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    Hi all,
    My 2nd year Sociology grades got back and turns out I kind of mess it up a bit(62%). But I trust I can get 1st in the final year. But the application deadline ends before the final grades release.

    So my question is: How 2nd year grades affect my master application? Is there anyway I can fix it?
    (high predicted scores? Strong recommendation? It would be much help if you could explain in details.) Thanks a lot!

    PS: My priority goal is Oxford Univ MPhill in Development studies (2 years). Then LSE MSc in Development studies. Other than the degree class, I am strong at the other criteria like work experience, research studies etc.
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    heyy, my average in 2nd year was 65% in Economics. The course I applied to at LSE required a high 2.1 or a first, I still applied with my 2nd year average and my 3rd year 1st semester grades which averaged to about 67%. I still got an offer from LSE for a 2.1 (no required percentage), so in my case i don't think it made that much of a difference. Dont lose hope...you need to write a really good personal statement, and have two good references obviously from lecturers that you have a good relationship with. My personal tutor went to LSE for his masters so he knew what they were looking for and he was the one who wrote one of my references, so i think a good personal statement and two good references will definitely put you in the mix. Like I say I don't think 2nd year averages affect that much as long as your on track for a good 2.1. One of my lecturers told me to apply after I got my 3rd year 1st semester results to prove that I will be able to definitely secure a 2.1, so that can be one way you can go about it, waiting till you get your first semester results as solid proof....good luckkkkkk
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    All you can do is apply this year and see what happens. If you don't get in, think of a plan b and apply the year following...

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Updated: July 4, 2012
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